Do you think detention helped you at school.

  1. Gamer
    joseph456 / Aug 23 2016 23.53

    Hi there.

    Recently I've been thinking about school such as exams and things and I've thought about detention a lot.

    For me I feel that detention helped me, as I received the punishment I deserved ( I was late often on purpose as I couldn't be bothered to get up for school) and detention gave me an environment to think about my actions and why they were wrong. It also gave me an isolated space even though other students were there we couldn't talk, as while I was detained I'd sometimes study and complete exam papers.

    Does anyone else feel this way, most students I saw just ripped their detention slips up and never attended.

  2. Lion
    TheAprilFool / Aug 25 2016 16.37

    Hey. I think it's great that you can see the positive side of getting detention, and that you used it to work towards improving yourself.

    Personally, I was a good kid who was very scared of getting into trouble, so the few detentions that I did get while at school were useless. They were because of genuine mistakes or things that were out of control, and I feel like they just made the situation worse as I was a sensitive person and already felt bad about what happened.

    I think that detention is only really good for the kids who purposely misbehave, but it isn't always effective as, like you said, many students just don't go. Sometimes I think that teachers need to spend more time looking at the whole situation to make sure that they use a method that actually helps the student, but I realise that they have a lot of students and can't always monitor each of their personal needs.


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