Sexual abuse

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    Temporary52188316 / Aug 21 2016 18.19

    So I was abused on holiday last year when I was 14 years old I've recently told my parents but I never meant to I feel depressed alone tired of being me and I have stayed in bed since I've told them and haven't left the house I don't know what to do to stop me from feeling like this

  2. Fixer
    Ellie3579 / Aug 22 2016 18.47

    Sorry to hear thats happened to you, my sister has depression and getting her out of bed in the morning is hard.but once she does she feels about you make plans for the next day that excite you? Like going out with your friends or family.and organize them before hand so that in a way you are forced out of bed!hope this helps x-14-girl


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