Sexual comments

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    tabithaxox / Aug 18 2016 0.58

    I don't know if this really counts as 'sexual abuse' but I'm going to say it is. My grandad, who I live with, will often make comments about my underwear and bras when I have to take them out of the wash. He'll also sometimes hit my butt or ask to see my underwear and bras if ive recently brought new ones. I don't know what to do about this because I love him as a grandad but I hate hearing comments like this. Please help me, I'm only 14 and hate having my 65+ year old grandad making these comments.

  2. Lion
    Amanda2076 / Aug 19 2016 19.39

    Yes it is sexual abuse. No one should be like this with you. Can you tell someone you trust? and maybe they can have a word with him. I know how remarks like that feel and you shouldnt have to put up with them. Why not have a 121 chat or phone Childline, they are wondeful at helping in situations like this.

    Hope this helps you to find a solution.

    Manda x


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