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    ASHJOE / Aug 16 2016 15.41

    So i was sexualy abused when i was 2till about 4 and i have been doing fine with copeing with it intill now i am 15 but i am finding i am getting frequent flash backs and feeling anxsous dose anyone know how i cant stop this or help to stop this :)

  2. Contemplator
    Ceci15 / Aug 25 2016 0.37


    The same thing happened with me I was fine/dealing with it/ ignoring it until I was about 14 and then it all started to come back. Now I feel in control of it again but I achieved that through councilling. Have you told your guadians/parents? Is councilling an option for you? Going to your gp would be a good idea if you want to be refered to CAMHS. All i can suggest is seeking help because ignoring it probably wont help....

    Hope this helps! :-)


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