Help I'm scared of what might happen next

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    Ilovesportsomuchgoalie / Aug 15 2016 13.51

    So scince last October this boy as been nagging me to give him hj and bj and I always say no The first time and then he makes me feel bad so I say yes to hj but he always pushes me to do bj he has been asking for sex and I keep saying no I'm not ready. the other day I was with him and he stared going on about how we should have sex and I said look I'm not ready for this and he was okay with it we just sat down and watched a movie then later that evening he alder if I anted to go out and I was okay with it cause he seemed okay with not having sex earlier but I was wrong he told me we would just make a fire and talk but earlier that day he gave me a fag and a phone case and he said i gave u fags and phone cas ethis morning u owe me a hj he made me feel so bad I said yes even tho once again I didn't want to. He started to push my head down his area and then undress me and kiss me I didn't know what to do I was acred cause he told me he was high when we left the house so I was scared he could have been more violent if I said no so I let him I didn't i never consented the bit when he gave me anal or the bj just the hj but he took it too far... Ppl have said he tells ppl we have casual sex and i will never remember it he always offers me weed and alchol and from what ppl are saying I can kinda believe it Bcos he always offers me weed ,coke and alchol so I'm relaxed and I don't know what to do its made me feel so stressed and anxious and upset everyte the door knocks I cry I'm so scared


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