Sexual assault

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    Chechmae / Jul 27 2016 21.50

    When i was 15 years old i was sexually assaulted by a "friend" of mine. After this happened i didnt feel like i could tell anyone, but after about 4/5 months i told a teacher. They told me they were going to get me some support with a counsellor, but heres the thing, they never did. My school has favourites which im sure every school does however mine show it ALOT. They never got me any help and it wasnt the first time they had done this either. And to make it worse my best friend who was one of the first people i told started to date the boy which put me in a super stressful situation. Now nearly a year later, i havent had any help and i am struggling, i have nights like this one right now where all i can do is think about, what if i had just said yes? Wouldve it all been okay? I feel like an object, as if i dont have a say in what happens to me, but i know its going to get better, it has to. HAVE FAITH.


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