Sleeping before an exam

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    Joe0603 / May 17 2016 18.24

    I have exams approching and always struggle with the idea of sleep.

    On every list you find on how to prepare for an exam, getting a good nights sleep is at the top; however, I find this impossible with all the stress that you are under to preform the next day. Science shows that sleeping is importiant for our memory therefore is it vital before an exam and then I'm simply under another pressure yet again-to go to sleep.

    Help please?

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    frog1dog2hog3 / May 17 2016 18.24


    I have found out that whenever I try to get to sleep on an important night, I can't get any! So I have tried so many methods, and here's what I found worked:

    •Try and drink some tea before bed if you like it

    •Treat it as a normal night, and just play on your phone or read until you get tired

    To be honest, sleep doesn't really make a difference, only if you have 4 hours of sleep then it will. Just relax and everything will be fine :) Hope this helps and good luck with your exams!




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