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    storm24 / May 22 2016 22.07

    hi guys every time i wake up im in a different place to where i went to sleep. one night i went to bed in my room and woke up in the basment. it is really starting to worry and scare me because im scared ill go to sleep in my room but sleep walk into the road and a car will hit me and ill die please help

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    frog1dog2hog3 / May 20 2016 16.38


    As long as the doors and windows are locked, you should hopefully be fine. If possible, you can try and close your door at night? I hope everything is fine and you are okay :) Hope this helps!



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    Cate9837 / May 22 2016 22.07

    Hiya I totally understand where your coming from I sleep walk, but I tends to be worse when I'm nervous worrying or over thinking about things... Trust me your not the only one who has woken up in strange places the other night I woke up sitting on the toilet with my head against the sink omg I was so freaked out I've been sleep walking ever since I was little little it has gotten worse as I've grown up, every night my parents make sure the door is double locked and all windows are shut and this has been a routine worked from such as young age and god knows what I do get up to in my sleep but I can say that I have never managed to get outside or hit by a care, and I'm sure I haven't manged to yet then hopefully nether are you going to be able to do so x


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