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    LolzGirl345 / May 15 2016 14.13


    so my friend told me about this app where you could talk to people and post things basically like snapchat and then i was online groomed by all of these men who kept asking me to get naked on webcam and they sent me pics of their...private area and my dad found out. The police have been involved and are checking my phone through, but i keep haveing sleepless nights worrying. Can someone give me tips on how to deal with this?

    Keira xx

    PS all replies are appreciated

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    ReadingGirl1 / May 15 2016 14.13

    Hi LolzGirl345. I am sorry that you had to go through this. This has not happened to me but I know what it feels like to have restless nights and to be overcome with worry. I just want to say that you are not alone and now that the police are involved things will get better. I found that typing "uplifting quotes" and "quotes to stop worrying" into Google Images really calmed me down and made me feel more positive. I hope that this has helped.

    RG1 x


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