What should I do? Older teen touched me

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    helenour / May 18 2016 23.17

    Hello my name is H. I'm 14 years old and this event happened a few hours ago and I have been worried about it ever since.

    i went with my mum to see her friend and she has a son about to turn 19. At first it seemed innocent he has a lizard so he showed me the lizard and for me to hold it and stuff. Pretty innocent. he's always been into wresting and ufc fighting and we always played it when I was around 6-10 for fun and I've not really seen him when I've been with my mum at her friends. So he was lifting me and play fighting but on a few occasions when he put me down I would turn away to look at my phone or smfn. He would always punch one of my bum cheeks. So this happened like 3-4 times. One time when he lifted (over shoulder) me he slapped my upper thigh (just underneath my butt) then my actual butt. Then another time he lifted me he put me on one of the single beds on my back and he lay on top of me. Then any other time he was lifting me he would lift from under my bum on his front (the way you'd lift a toddler I suppose) but then always placing one hand on my butt cheek.

    Please help. What should I do? Does this count as sexual abuse or something? Is it nothing am I being paranoid for no reason. Please help and share your thoughts with me :(:

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    tidge3 / May 18 2016 23.17

    Hey H,

    I would say this is assault bc abuse would be for exmmple, if he did it every time you saw each other.

    But if you felt uncomfortable or threatened then its wrong and he needs to stop.

    Hope i helped,



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