Can you be raped by a minor?

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    MetalStarDust / Jun 13 2016 19.12

    If you're of the age of consent, can you be raped by someone who is underage? Minors are legally incapable of consent, and... y'know... someone over the age of consent is supposed to be an 'adult'. Could an adult be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted, in a legal sense, by a minor when sexual activity when laws about statutory rape and indecent assault of minors exist?

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    Val80 / Jun 13 2016 19.12

    That's a really interesting question actually. I'm not sure but I think that if a minor were to rape an adult and the law court was true- depending on the minor and their reasons they could go to juvenile jail or have to be punished (community service etc) and most definitely be sent to a therapist/professional to get help to find out why that did this/ teach them it's not appropriate. Yes, minors are protected by the law but that doesn't mean they are not punished. Just the same as when a minor shop lifts, mugs, take drugs, drink, beat people up, involve with gangs- they get punished so them raping an adult would be the same thing. The punishment would just be less serious and hard as an adult would face if they raped someone.

    I don't know, but it makes sense. Something similar happened to me, when I was 13 my 12 year old brother raped me and left me pregnant which made me very confused as we were kids and he was younger than me and we are always brought up under the illusion that girls get raped by older men. But that's not the case. Kids can rape adults, each other, girls can rape men, girls can rape girls, men can rape men. It's not always easy to tell.

    sorry that was a bit random and off topic. Interesting question though.


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