How to prove I was sexually abused

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    Chelsea30 / Jun 15 2016 0.18

    My step dad sexually abused me for 2 weeks and 3 weeks ago he wad arrested and is now on bail till August. My dad's family believe me but my mum and her family don't. I feel the need to prove to my mum I am telling the truth but I have no idea how. How can I convince my mum I am telling the truth?

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    callum8888 / Jun 15 2016 0.18


    This is a weird situation but if its a cirtian typy of abuse you can always go to the GP But they cant tell the exactly is there any evidance you have like threaining phone calls or text you can show them. There are special kits you can claim from the police to prove as evidance that will be sent off to a lab. if you are in hightschool go to a sex clinic or got to a brook clinic.

    This is horrible and its to remember that this wasn't youre falt keep strong and it will all work out.

    i hope this gets sorted soon

    callum :)


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