Sexual abuse....i think?

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    Bluebubblegumpop / Jun 15 2016 2.11

    Hey! My names taylor and i should clarify im a girl...yes i know boys name XD well i need help basicly (sos if i spelled wrong xD) when i slept over my gdads (grandads) house there was a spuder in the room i was thou (classy?) sleep in so he said sleep in my bed wiv me not strainght away at first he said downstairn or in my bed and i said u decide so he said my bed, i fell asleep shortly after but later on im not sure how late i woke up to the feeling of being pulled when i was almost fully awake i noticed it was my gdad pulling me closer to him like REALLY close and he put his hand up my tshirt abd rubbed my back now through all this he thought i was asleep. Now im not gunna go into details into what happend next but if you want to know say so and ill post a message on what he did but lets say it was NOT normal and he hasnt mentioned it and this all happed yesterday and today his hand lingerd on my back for awhile i dont know if rhin is me being paranoied or sumin but i havent told anyone and if i did i dont think therell belive my cuz they ALL LIVE HIM SO MUCH and all i know ive been joking alot but what should i do? And is this normal? Please help bye bye XD

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    callum8888 / Jun 15 2016 0.07


    This is not normal but you do need to tell someone and he shouldn't be doing things like this i know it sounds harsh to say that but i think you might need to tell your parents or someone you trust at school.

    this isn't a good situation i bet you love him.

    i hope this gets sorted now and it will stop you from feeling paranoid.

    thank you


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    traumaqueen / Jun 15 2016 2.11

    hi taylor :) im pretty sure it counts as sexual abuse if someone touches you in a way you dont really like without your consent, or if someone touches you somehwere private and you didnt want them to. i dont know what you could do about talking to your family but good luck xxxx


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