is this sexual abuse?

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    sdc456 / Jun 15 2016 17.01

    my best friend said that in class this boy that sits net to her rubs her leg in a sexual way and tries to get his han close to her privates. she said that she does try and push his han away and tells him to stop but he wont and the tacher wont move and shes embarrased to make a scene about it... is this sexual abuse though?


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    Shine-on- / Jun 15 2016 17.01


    Regardless of what it is, harrassment or abuse, it's wrong of this boy to keep doing this, especially after she's told him not to. I can understand your friend being embarrassed, but she has nothing to be ashamed of and does really need to tell a teacher about this, so that they can move her and also so that they can have a word with this lad and tell him that this kind of beheviour is unacceptable and won't be tolerated. Perhaps you could go with your friend to tell someone?

    Hope I helped, here if you need me

    Bea :)


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