I'm still scared

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    Eleena87312 / Jun 19 2016 1.55

    I was raped by a friend of mine nearly 9 months ago now,

    i reported it to the police but unfortunately the case was dropped.

    i still have night terrors, the thought of even consensual sex stil makes me anxious, I just wish I could let go of these emotions.

    any advise or condolence? 

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    13m / Jun 18 2016 13.42

    In poor u u did the right thing by going to the police maybe talk to someone that u truly trust and go into counselling 

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    tidge3 / Jun 18 2016 22.10

    Hi ellie, as for advice, i would say going into a relationship make sure the other person knows youre in control. If they knew what happened, even vaguely then that may help them understand better why u wouldnt want to do anything. And a relationship doesnt have to have anything sexual at all and can still work. Just do everything on your terms. as for your emotions, sometimes it helps me to just have a cry about what happened to me and then i wipe my eyes and carry on. Sometimes you just need that alone time. Hope i helped :) Tidge

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    Taneeshajayne / Jun 19 2016 1.55

    Everything you are feeling is a completely normal reaction to a crappy situation. Having a rape case dropped is way to familiar as it happened to me recently. Please don't fight alone and please speak to people. You are NOT a burden and I promise getting things off your chest really helps! 

    Im sending all nice thoughts your way x


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