1. Spiralling
    1whirlwind2many / Jun 28 2016 3.44


    I confided in an adult and cos they're part of an organisation they were legally obliged to tell the police. I had to talk to a detective about what happened and he said it was sexual assualt. i haven't decided whether to take it to court or not because i am scared of the process and also because my parents don't know and i really don't want to tell them. The police officer wants to know about other similar events now and i'm scared of getting someone in trouble.

    Has anyone taken it to court before or know what happens when you do and what it's like? I am scared i'll make the wrong choice and really regret it :(


  2. Wallflower
    Petal5674 / Jun 28 2016 3.44

    Hi friedfrog. I was raped and took it to court and it was much easier than I thought. The police officers were very supportive and on the day you have to give evidence they will allow you what they call 'special measures' where you can give evidence via tv link or you can have a screen so only the staff that works in the courtroom will see you. You will also wait in a separate room to anybody else and can go in the side door/back door for children/venerable people so you don't have to keep walking through the whole building and you will only get justice if you take it to court. Regarding your parents knowing when you don't want them to know I don't know about that one. Good luck in what you do. Warm wishes


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