Should I tell the teacher?

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    SparklingMimi / Jun 28 2016 16.56

    When I was 6 yrs old , my friend , Maa***ah started behaving weirdly at school.At first,she would start touching my private parts so when I moved away,she would follow me.I am now 10 yrs old and she still does it.I really do not want to tell the teacher else he would tell my headteacher and soon everyone would find out.

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    13m / Jun 28 2016 16.56

    Don't tell the teacher yet first try talking to her and if she continues do . I don't have great advice but u have my full support. Good luck I understand fully that u are in an extremely awkward position. Can u please respond to my link I'm 13m

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    32izzywizzy32 / Aug 09 2016 0.50

    Sorry this reply is so late, but I really hope you see it. TELL YOUR TEACHER. Or parent, trusted adult. Anyone Responsible/older.


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