I'm really worried

  1. Loser
    Spookytiger / Jul 03 2016 12.05

    This boy messaged me and i got into a conversation with him and he wanted to facetime so we did and then he said to tease him and I was worried in case I seemed like a wimp and so I did and then he just left I'm worried that he's screenshot it and he will keep the photos. Is this sexual abuse, I'm really scared.

  2. Fixer
    callum8888 / Jul 03 2016 12.05

    hello, i dont think this is sexual abuse but however i belive that this is could lead to blackmail and if you are under the age of 18 he is breaking the law and you should tell the police even if you are concerned even througn he might not have screen shot it. it is classed as childporn and is taken siriously by the police. you can always report it to ceop


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