no self confidence because

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    freyaxx2734 / May 10 2016 21.40

    i have no self confidence as i have stretch marks on my chest and big labia and i feel like i never can be in a sexual relationship.

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    FriendlyBear / May 10 2016 21.40

    Hi there!

    Don't be worried about ANYTHING like that!

    It's just not worth it!

    Relationships and love aren't just about how beuatiful you look (and I'm sure u do! :) ), they are about a strong instict to love each other! Anybody who truly loves you wouldn't care about anything like that either!

    Sex isn't about how you look either, it is about expressing love for one and other, and showing your passion for each other!

    There is always someone perfect for you, that could be in your school, or the other side of the earth!

    Let nothing stop you being awesome!!! :D




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