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    FriendlyBear / May 17 2016 16.54

    Hi there! My name is Dylan and I want to talk to you about meditation!


    What is "meditation"?

    Simply put, meditation is a thing you do to train your mind, and concentrate on a singular piece of information (or many!), all in a relaxed state of mind. The benifits are endless :) You can use meditation for realisation, or simply accepting some information!

    Some meditation myths:

    "You have to be part of a religion to do meditation"

    "You have to sit in a certain way"

    "Meditation is difficult"

    "Meditation is escapism"

    "\I don't have enough time to meditate"

    ALL these are wrong!

    Time for (dum-dumdumdumdum-duuuhhh!!!!!) mythbusters!!!!!

    1 You don't have to believe in religion to meditate! Meditation is about realisation, not connecting to God/gods!(although I'm not saying you can't!

    2 Nup!!! You may know the classical legs painfully bended meditation that tortures your muscles, but meditation is for relaxation! It calms you! It lets you go to sleep! In reality, this position was adopted by monks who, in the first place, didn't want to go to sleep, but I don't care if I nodd off (zzzzzzz......), so I prefer to meditate at night in my comfy old mattress, lying flat down!

    3 Simply put, meditation is easy. It is relaxation of the mind.

    Easy peasy lemon squeasy, as a great man once said...

    4 The point of meditation is to face your problems, not to shun them! Thats's why it's so effective, you don't need advice off ChildLine (sorry m8!!) because you've already cracked it urself :)

    5 Pffft!! Meditation doesn't take 5 hours, like most peeps think!

    I meditate for about 5 MINS per day, embracing the past, present and future (speeeed meditaion here you come!!)

    I'm out of max characters now, so tell me what u think in the comments about meditation, and if you will do it!

    Try to do it with music (any old peaceful tune) too (if ya want)


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    frog1dog2hog3 / May 17 2016 16.54

    Hey Dylan!

    Wow! I learnt SO MUCH about Meditation from you, thanks for that! It sounds really relaxing and I didn't know so many things that you told me! I haven't ever tried it, but it sounds so calming and I think I will! Amazing thread and keep meditating ;)




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