Appearance Issues

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    NeonLightz / May 22 2016 16.25

    Hey everyone,

    Please can I have some advice. I am really concerned about my looks and at times I can't even look at myself :( I know it's normal to feel insecure but I've never seen myself as pretty, but as ugly. At my school, there are alot of pretty girls who I try too hard to fit in with. And alot of people think that I am ugly. I don't know what to do and I want to feel better as a person because right now I have no self-esteem ;(

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    frog1dog2hog3 / May 22 2016 16.25


    I know this sounds like it probably won't help, but I want to let you know that YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, who are they to judge? Everybody has flaws, but that's what makes us different! Nobody is ugly, especially not you. Even if this doesn't help much, I just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful even if you don't think so. Stay strong and be yourself!




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