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    Dw205 / May 31 2016 15.18

    Does anyone have any advice on becoming more confident in your own body. 

    I'm 17 and I'm quite small for my age (my 10 year old sister is taller than me lol) also I feel really fat which makes me really depressed and causes me to be extremely self concious and gives me panic attacks when I think people are looking at me. 

    Also I have scoliosis(curvature of the spine) which causes my body to look uneven and tbh disgusting... 


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    extraterrestrial555 / May 31 2016 15.18

    Hey there. Bodies come in all shapes an sizes, and societies labels for beauty are warped and sick. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I used to think that people were looking at me a lot for the way I dressed. I would stare at the ground and avoid mirrors and stuff and it makes you think people are staring. However, I realised that when I'm walking around town, I don't notice certain people, because everyone is different and nothing comes as a surprise these days. A tip for feeling confident which I use is that I always wear my favourite clothes. When you're dressed the part, everything seems to go away. Another thing is to just sit and watch people go by. You will notice how everyone Is different. Some people are short, some people are tall, some are wider than others, and that doesn't affect anything. Its who you are on the inside that matters all in all. Just remember to keep on being you and I hope you can learn to love yourself for yourself :)


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