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  1. How do you get to sleep at night?

    Started by Jas-Host / 07/12/2017 15:42 / Replies 80
    Hi everyone, We know that so many of you can find it really hard to get to sleep. We also know ho...

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    By The7thWheel /
  2. How we craft personas and I can't sleep

    Started by ItsAllMeaningless / 19/09/2018 23:55 / Replies 0
    I'm 12 years old and I've never particularly been the happiest person. And sometimes I still stru...
  3. sleep struggle

    Started by adriannie / 04/09/2018 00:47 / Replies 2
    recently i have been sleeping at 3am - 2pm and hardly getting sleep, my parents understand and ar...

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    By Itsranloose /
  4. Bad dreams

    Started by teddybear-Girl / 09/09/2018 21:59 / Replies 0
    Keep have bad dreams. Can't sleep. Keep crying. Too much for me.
  5. Always exhausted

    Started by Alex-horsesxx / 11/04/2018 22:24 / Replies 4
    everyday i wake up after about 11 hours sleep feeling like i only got one! this has been going on...

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    By adriannie /
  6. I'm Too Tired

    Started by Upupupu / 07/07/2018 22:30 / Replies 3
    I'm always tired every day. My muscles ache, my eyes want to stay shut, and it always hurts whene...

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    By adriannie /
  7. Insomnia

    Started by Gracie20 / 29/08/2018 23:38 / Replies 0
    Does anyone know how to be certain that you have insomnia. As I had it a bit years ago and then i...
  8. waking up at midnight :/

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 27/08/2018 20:17 / Replies 0
    do any of you wake up early or 3 hours later? and get back to sleep and wake up again...? i do! i...
  9. Teddies

    Started by The7thWheel / 17/06/2018 22:07 / Replies 3
    I see lots of you wonderful beans own teddy bears. I personally use them to help with sleeep but ...

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    By Daydreamer18 /
  10. Super alert thing.

    Started by Amimad / 03/04/2018 22:14 / Replies 2
    so when I go to bed sometimes i do this thing and I don't mean to and i hate so much but I can't ...

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    By flameofhope /