Your Site, Your Say (feedback and ideas)

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  1. Post feedback on your 1-2-1 chats here!

    Started by AlexaIsHereForYouAll / 04/07/2016 17:33 / Replies 1289
    Hey Guys This thread is somewhere to post any thoughts and feedback on121 chats.Good or bad.A pla...

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    By Cosy-girl /
  2. Post Email Feedback here

    Started by Alphabet15 / 04/05/2016 18:23 / Replies 221
    Hi, By the way, all credit to XxDepressedTeenageGirl97xX for this idea. Basically, it's the same ...

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    By Omegaphone /
  3. Night-time

    Started by Iris100 / 18/08/2019 06:57 / Replies 0
    Hi, I started this thread because I couldn't find any night-time threads. I am here to help. Just...
  4. Conseller at night

    Started by Lolabug / 18/08/2019 04:34 / Replies 0
    it does take wayyy too long and by the time they got on my arms were cut i tried not to
  5. FEEDBACK on Childline 2019

    Started by Photobomb31 / 13/08/2019 19:31 / Replies 1
    Hey Childine, here is my questions, feeback here, hope you take notice and I think most users of ...

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    By SlayerOfTheNorth /
  6. Art box

    Started by Flick2468 / 12/08/2019 23:03 / Replies 2
    Hi this is only a small issue but I've just been trying to use the art box on my phone and whenev...

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    By SlayerOfTheNorth /
  7. Different councillors

    Started by Nicki27 / 09/08/2019 21:06 / Replies 3
    I finally decided to try childline and had my first chat today. I accidentally went off the chat ...

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    By Jas-Host /
  8. My ideas

    Started by littlelilypad / 06/08/2019 11:33 / Replies 4
    hi guys its me again ​ ive got an idea what if instead of a profile pic we have avatars tha...

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    By Crystal16 /
  9. Safe space

    Started by Thoughtbubble / 13/08/2019 14:35 / Replies 0
    I wondered if we could set up a part of the message boards as like a safe space when you are look...

    Started by Doodahs / 25/07/2019 17:34 / Replies 2
    I had a really good conversation with a counsellor today. I hope the counsellors are good!

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