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    Started by busybeebuzz / 17/05/2022 14:14 / Replies 0
    Hello! I am in year 11 and i have just started to do my gcse exams this year. A lot of things hav...
  2. GCSE art and realism

    Started by BanoffeePie / 13/05/2022 22:48 / Replies 2
    I'm taking GCSE art next year and I was wondering, is realism important for GCSE art?

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    By busybeebuzz /
  3. GCSE tips and help

    Started by ItsLeviOsanotLeviosA / 10/04/2022 15:42 / Replies 11
    hiii so Im y11 and doing my gcses VERY soon and thought it would be a good idea to set up a threa...

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    By BrightHopingSeal9204 /
  4. Parent Pressure

    Started by TiredDabbingLynx1534 / 25/03/2022 18:05 / Replies 5
    hi I have asian parents (they’re both Chinese) and they always put pressure on me when I'm studyi...

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    By YouCantPredictTheClouds /
  5. Anyone got any motivation tips for studying Japanese?

    Started by ProudSharingOtter2399 / 13/05/2022 11:31 / Replies 0
    I started learning Japanese but I have a lot going on in my head to do with my past which I'm str...
  6. School exams

    Started by ElegantSurfingTiger6241 / 11/05/2022 21:25 / Replies 0
    Hi, i really need some advise. I'm stressing over my end of year exams and can't keep up with any...
  7. School exams /

    Started by GACHAlifeundosam / 10/05/2022 15:02 / Replies 2
    So this week is exams for every day, and i am finding it really stressful cause i really want to ...

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    By GACHAlifeundosam /
  8. Anyone else doing highers?

    Started by littlealien / 03/04/2022 09:06 / Replies 3
    Hi everyone So I'm in S5 and doing my highers this year. I studied for the prelims and they went ...

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    By VibingTiredOtter /
  9. Stressed about gcse exams

    Started by FlexibleTurningKoala3901 / 21/04/2022 03:39 / Replies 4
    my gcses are less than 30 days away and im so scared. Im so scared that i‘ll fail them and seeing...

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    By VibingTiredOtter /
  10. gcse tips + advice

    Started by MistyDrawingPanda1783 / 01/05/2022 17:32 / Replies 1
    hey guysssssss - so my gcses are in less than 3 weeks (im so scared!) so i thought it would be a ...

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    By MistyDrawingPanda1783 /