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  1. GCSE options

    Started by I-loves-dogs / 20/01/2021 21:31 / Replies 1
    Hi. i’m in year 9 and i have to pick my gcse options soon and i don’t know what to do. i’m doing ...

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    By K-aTJ39 /
  2. home learning is making my mental health worse

    Started by Temporary63530635 / 13/11/2020 21:33 / Replies 2
    I have just had to go into a 14 isolation cause someone in my school got it. I have tried to talk...

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    By LivinLife123 /
  3. Home learning is so awful

    Started by BennyWithAWhy / 03/11/2020 14:15 / Replies 9
    I've had to self isolate for 14 days and do home learning and it's all shambles. Teachers set the...

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    By LivinLife123 /
  4. It’s so unfair!

    Started by 2003BETH / 14/01/2021 20:14 / Replies 1
    So GCSES and A level exams have both been cancelled and I’m doing a level 3 btec sports course. T...

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    By OneTropicalSmoothiePlease /
  5. how to support someone with low motivation

    Started by atmapa / 18/01/2021 16:02 / Replies 0
    hi :) my boyfriend is really struggling with motivation to do work. he loses concentration really...
  6. school

    Started by ohwowlol / 16/01/2021 00:48 / Replies 2
    i hate it its so exhausting. i cant bring myself to do any work. the thing is i hate being in sch...

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    By ohwowlol /
  7. My grades are good, but Im always scared they'll drop

    Started by jsbach / 19/03/2020 15:02 / Replies 2
    My grades are naturally high, so I've never had to revise. I'm in Y8 now, and I'm starting to try...

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    By Upsie-Daisy26 /
  8. College

    Started by Temporary83266733 / 06/12/2020 19:46 / Replies 3
    hi guys, really panicing about moving on to college next year and also dont know what subjects to...

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    By insertusername121212 /
  9. GCSE's - Everything to do with them

    Started by insertusername121212 / 07/01/2021 20:18 / Replies 0
    Hello to everyone, I am currently in year 11 and I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding t...
  10. Grades and expectations

    Started by DoctorBlueBox / 21/12/2020 03:11 / Replies 1
    I normally do well in tests but now i dont get the same sence of pride or achievement that i did ...

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    By Joie-04 /