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  1. looking something up

    Started by Temporary83557321 / 14/06/2021 20:32 / Replies 0
    hi everyone, it's my first thread here, which a counsillor reccomended i post. ​ basically ...
  2. idk what happened??

    Started by ActiveSharingGoat3232 / 12/06/2021 22:37 / Replies 2
    hi im lilly and today i woke up with a hickey looking mark on my inner thigh. i havent bashed it ...

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    By ActiveSharingGoat3232 /
  3. wait i have to title this

    Started by CloudyPosingRhino8190 / 13/06/2021 01:12 / Replies 1
    hi, ​ Over the past few days I have been experiencing itching/dryness down there and someti...

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    By Coffeeislife476 /
  4. Nudes - looking at them

    Started by Gaygal1341 / 07/06/2021 16:56 / Replies 1
    so i was looking at nudes ob my phone and i did it ob my 4G (data) will my parents find out. i di...

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    By SplendidActingEagle9211 /
  5. is this masturbation?

    Started by -Eevee- / 12/06/2021 20:45 / Replies 0
    So, often at night, I'm lying in bed making up stories. Sometimes super crazy things happen that ...
  6. Porn/Fanfiction

    Started by bluedinosaur28 / 03/03/2021 19:10 / Replies 5
    Hi, for reference I am a girl but when I was 13 I would masturbate to fanfiction and at first it ...

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    By Mikuchan39 /
  7. Is it r@pe

    Started by sourwatermelon / 11/04/2021 22:18 / Replies 7
    So hi When I was in primary,at the back of the field we had a secret hole and I was the only on t...

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    By sourwatermelon /
  8. Ways to masterbate ...

    Started by sophi654-321 / 29/03/2021 16:00 / Replies 2
    Hi I’m Sophie, I masterbate but I want to know different ways of doing it. I have tried doing it ...

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    By Figuresk8ter22 /
  9. Me and my girlfriend want to have sex

    Started by SuperTurningLion9160 / 06/05/2021 13:44 / Replies 3
    Me and my gf really want to hVe sex but we are only 13 and we watch porn together and send nudes ...

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    By Figuresk8ter22 /
  10. Sex

    Started by Beautiful-Grape / 03/05/2021 00:45 / Replies 14
    Hey! im a 11 year old and a female and honestly i want sex. Ive been in a relashionship with my b...

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    By heythere0101 /