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  1. Horny all the time /

    Started by BusyTalkingParrot3928 / 09/09/2021 17:38 / Replies 2
    Hey everyone ive been struggling with my urges lately and im pretty much just horny 24/7 and im a...

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    By BrightYawningBee4853 /
  2. I feel gross

    Started by BusyTalkingParrot3928 / 27/08/2021 13:30 / Replies 6
    So basically i live in a really open/non judging family where nudity is a really common thing, be...

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    By LivelyRollingLynx6388 /
  3. How to stop getting the urge to masterbate

    Started by -ghosts- / 10/09/2021 19:43 / Replies 2
    hi sombody please help me. i need some advice to stop masturbating. i know its natural and its no...

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    By -ghosts- /
  4. help lol

    Started by -glitch- / 20/09/2021 01:29 / Replies 1
    [just to preface this , im a trans dude so he/him pls , ty ] ​ [also im 13 (i wasnt sure wh...

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    By BennyWithAWhy /
  5. Masterbating addiction?

    Started by iamgroot102 / 19/09/2021 11:10 / Replies 0
    Hi im 15 and a girl i used to hate the fact i masterbated and would be disgusted with myself ever...
  6. My Boyfriend is a perfectionist and worries with sex

    Started by LivelySurfingLion8462 / 14/09/2021 02:47 / Replies 2
    So, my boyfriend is a perfectionist. When we have sex he is scared that he will mess it up in som...

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    By -Im-Alex- /
  7. Am I deceitful for watching porn?

    Started by ProudVibingDuck7282 / 15/09/2021 13:38 / Replies 1
    hi, when i was a teen, i watched porn a few times. im now 18. since my dad cheated on my mom, she...

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    By angelthequeen33 /
  8. walking in at the wrong time

    Started by CaringSkiingFox5036 / 31/08/2021 22:55 / Replies 2
    (im a female , 15 years old) earlier today i was in my room having some alone time, i was scared ...

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    By Sallytheearthworm /
  9. Masterbation

    Started by AwesomeSingingRobin2397 / 30/08/2021 16:26 / Replies 1
    hey i rlly need some help on new positions and techniques btw im a girl

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    By Sallytheearthworm /
  10. Masturbation boys

    Started by CloudyCatchingLynx4203 / 09/09/2021 19:39 / Replies 2
    hey i masturbate often does anyone have any tips on how to make it even better

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    By OFirework /