Separation and divorce

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  1. Parents

    Started by Temporary78275878 / 02/01/2020 00:01 / Replies 0
    I have just signed up to this, in fact, I didn't even know childline had a website. Within the pa...
  2. Friends

    Started by Homebird / 22/12/2019 21:06 / Replies 0
    i dont think anyone will be my friend because i have ocd anxiety seperation anxietu ect i guess i...
  3. Don't want to see my dad

    Started by Danielle90 / 14/09/2014 12:59 / Replies 20
    My parents are splitting up and my dad has handled it really badly and been really mean to my mum...

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  4. Parents/separation

    Started by Shananna / 17/12/2019 23:21 / Replies 0
    so my mum and dad were never married they were just together and decided to have kids i guess but...
  5. My parents just a massive argument and are splitting up

    Started by Otis2571 / 24/11/2019 18:04 / Replies 1
    Im 15 and i have my year 11 mocks tomorrow and my birthday is in a few days. I have 5 siblings as...

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  6. Divorced parents

    Started by Sunglasses18 / 14/11/2019 22:47 / Replies 4
    hi im 15 and my parents are divorced i hate having two homes i think if i had one wish it would b...

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  7. family court and rights for kids

    Started by Safarisaf / 13/11/2018 17:52 / Replies 4
    Hi, I was wondering: at what age can a child say they no longer want any communication with their...

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  8. Rant (advice would be appreciated)

    Started by Ava1010 / 20/11/2019 00:48 / Replies 2
    So my mum and dad have been divorced since i was 4 and it doesn‘t bother me.But my dad had a girl...

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  9. My parents are getting divorced

    Started by Amalamaly / 22/10/2019 00:20 / Replies 2
    so my mum wants to get a divorce from my dad for all sorts of stupid reasons and they've just had...

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  10. My dad's girlfriend. 🤮

    Started by E-v-i-e-monster / 02/11/2018 07:59 / Replies 4
    hi. im in y7 and recently my dad and mum devorced . that was a year ago. My dad is a very handsom...

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