Separation and divorce

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  1. School and Home

    Started by AnimalWhisperer / 22/03/2018 19:16 / Replies 0
    Mum and dad have separated and I am finding it hard to cope and I don't like going over to my dad...
  2. Anxious

    Started by Bubblegum3000 / 26/02/2018 22:11 / Replies 2
    I am tired all of the time, as well as being stressed and anxious. Any tips to help me?

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    By AnimalWhisperer /
  3. My mum new boy freind

    Started by Jordan1342 / 15/09/2014 19:32 / Replies 10
    Hi there my name is jordan. My mum and dad splite up about a year and a half ago. I don't see my ...

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    By Chrissy13 /
  4. My parents separation

    Started by LilyLily05 / 26/02/2018 23:29 / Replies 1
    my parents have always argued and i just thiught it was normal. well... my dads anger levels were...

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    By am9629 /
  5. bright lemon

    Started by brightlemon / 01/01/2018 12:59 / Replies 2
    My mum and dad have split up 3 years ago but it affects me a bit.

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    By brightlemon /
  6. Divorce/Separation/Step-families

    Started by mollss-- / 04/12/2017 21:15 / Replies 1
    So my mum and dad divorced and they both have new partners. My dad is with my best friends mum. T...

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    By LilyLily05 /
  7. New to Divorce

    Started by WhiteBetaWolf / 05/01/2018 16:15 / Replies 2
    My parents only got divorced last May. It was hard to get my head around and with a little brothe...

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    By LilyLily05 /
  8. marriage counselling

    Started by faffro / 12/01/2018 16:55 / Replies 5
    hey so I accidentally found out that my parents have been having marriage counselling and they've...

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    By LilyLily05 /
  9. My dad- please help!

    Started by Potatoe11 / 25/02/2018 15:26 / Replies 2
    My parents have devorced. Thats bad. But this is about my dad. My dad shouts. Not JUST a normal s...

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    By LilyLily05 /
  10. Divorce!

    Started by splodge127 / 22/04/2013 11:26 / Replies 20
    Hi, I'm Eve My parents are divorced and I want to see them 50-50 but i am too scared to tell my m...

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    By Bubblegum3000 /