Separation and divorce

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  1. Saying Goodbye.

    Started by rustyspoonpot / 10/08/2020 02:28 / Replies 0
    my parents were getting along so well, then all of a sudden my mum doesnt love my dad. i feel lik...
  2. Telling my dad

    Started by GoldenMacaw10 / 27/07/2020 09:30 / Replies 2
    so yesterday I told my mum she should divorce my dad. She said for me to ask my dad since he can ...

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  3. I don’t like the holidays

    Started by maryceleste / 07/08/2020 16:22 / Replies 0
    So i don’t like the holidays. I hate missing my parents because they are divorced and i have to s...
  4. I’m scared my parents will split

    Started by Temporary13728723 / 04/08/2020 23:24 / Replies 1
    i can hear them arguing and im crying and i just feel so sad :(

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    By anonymous12514 /
  5. Am I the problem?

    Started by Yellowgrass / 24/03/2020 23:02 / Replies 5
    im 13 and my mam is 50 and my dad is 67 they argue all the time my dad says one i turn 18 he wasn...

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    By Fighting-2-live /
  6. i want my parents to split up

    Started by Temporary12334568 / 17/07/2020 22:14 / Replies 2
    my mum had me at 23 and she had only known my dad a few months. when they found out they were hav...

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    By indiegalteehee /
  7. Separation after affects

    Started by Henry1007 / 19/06/2020 14:36 / Replies 2
    A few years ago my parents separated, I was so young that I didnt know what I wanted and just dec...

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    By evierose321- /
  8. My family

    Started by Qwerty12345ABC / 02/07/2020 21:22 / Replies 1
    Hi everyone, i am 12 years old and suffer a father who is not mentally stable. I was wondering if...

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    By Temporary67270093 /
  9. Abuse

    Started by Lololololaha / 03/06/2020 23:10 / Replies 1
    My dad has left us and has always emotionally abused me and my mum with control and manipulation....

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    By Temporary64874751 /
  10. New to Divorce

    Started by WhiteBetaWolf / 05/01/2018 16:15 / Replies 6
    My parents only got divorced last May. It was hard to get my head around and with a little brothe...

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    By Henry1007 /