Self Esteem

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  1. One of my issues

    Started by Temporary00817908 / 21/09/2018 02:47 / Replies 0
    one of my issues is my self esteem. i strugle with it on a daily basis and think will people make...
  2. Trying to loose weight

    Started by Moonsandskylines / 12/09/2018 18:19 / Replies 0
    Idk if this is the right message board but I’m trying to loose weight. I chose to do this by myse...
  3. Confidence

    Started by Hollypieclimbs / 03/09/2018 16:16 / Replies 2
    I just feel really shy all the time and i really dont like talking to people because i feel stupi...

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  4. Lost and alone.

    Started by NayCat15 / 21/08/2018 04:05 / Replies 4
    Hi, I am a 12 year old female. I always feel so lost and alone. I wish I don't have any friends a...

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    By charlie257 /
  5. im not good at talking to friends due to confidence!?

    Started by angelmarj2882 / 06/10/2015 15:33 / Replies 4
    i got bullied for 6 years non stop i moved school in yerr nine and now in a great school,im reall...

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  6. I have literally no confidence

    Started by Hugsloverxx / 04/08/2018 23:50 / Replies 3
    Hey so I got bullied badly this past year. Though I’ve gotten bullied these past 5 years, this ye...

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  7. Does anyone know about weight issues?

    Started by XReRex / 18/08/2018 20:18 / Replies 1
    Hi my nanes reanna and im a female I have been recently diognosed with schizophrenia and anxiety....

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  8. So, I want to know if anybody is like me?

    Started by Lofty1 / 26/06/2018 22:31 / Replies 1
    My story started a while back when i was diagnosed with bipolar 1 and depression and schizophreni...

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  9. I don't see myself the way other people do

    Started by -username- / 20/06/2018 17:46 / Replies 2
    So you want to know what _I _look like and my personality, eh? I don't have any images and I neve...

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  10. My height

    Started by Anonyous610 / 21/12/2017 20:35 / Replies 4
    I'm quite embarrassed of my height because I'm 14 years old and I'm only 5 foot (152cm). All my f...

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