Self Esteem

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  1. Worried

    Started by TheBurningStars / 23/12/2021 14:00 / Replies 1
    So I’m white and I think this is because of my autism and taking things too literally that I see ...

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    By Ashleigh-xxx /
  2. It’s tearing me apart. I don’t know what to do about it.

    Started by BouncyTurningBadger2631 / 12/01/2022 00:24 / Replies 0
    Hello, i know this may be quite long but i need you to please read this and give me advice on wha...
  3. Insecurities

    Started by bear00998800 / 12/10/2021 22:30 / Replies 2

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    By BouncyTurningBadger2631 /
  4. Not wanted

    Started by CoolBrownie / 20/12/2021 10:50 / Replies 1
    i feel like i dont belong and im trapped in this horrible world where no one wants me… i dont car...

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    By BouncyTurningBadger2631 /
  5. A good rapper to listen to when feeling down :)

    Started by Inexistent / 06/07/2021 19:48 / Replies 2
    His name is NF He never swears His music is about mental health It has saved a lot of people from...

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    By BouncyTurningBadger2631 /
  6. how to be more confident and happier

    Started by the-roses / 22/07/2021 23:14 / Replies 1
    does anyone have any tips on how to be more confident with myself, and how to act more confident?...

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    By Ashleigh-xxx /
  7. acne is controlling my life

    Started by AmazingTextingDuck1480 / 05/09/2021 02:38 / Replies 1
    im a 15(f) and think i have some sort of body dismorphia i have moderate-severe acne that people ...

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    By RoyalPenguin2022 /
  8. Feeling insecure about how I look

    Started by kierathecurehead / 15/11/2021 18:56 / Replies 2
    Hi! I'm almost one full term into my second year of secondary school (2nd year/13 yrs old) but re...

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    By BusySittingRaven6789 /
  9. should I get plastic surgery.

    Started by somewhatconfusing6 / 13/12/2021 00:13 / Replies 1
    I keep getting told I am pretty from numerous people but I am sure they're humouring me especiall...

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    By CoolBrownie /
  10. Dealing with jealousy

    Started by SweetButterflyLover555 / 11/12/2021 21:01 / Replies 0
    hi there, i really struggle with jealousy and i wondered if anyone had any advice to help me mana...