Self Esteem

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  1. I hate myself...

    Started by VDar12345 / 28/05/2020 20:15 / Replies 0
    Hello, I think I’ve always hated myself and the way I look. I really want to lose weight but ever...
  2. How to Raise your Self Esteem

    Started by girl-31 / 20/04/2020 18:50 / Replies 2
    So, I have really low self esteem, and I feel like society these days is soooo judgemental, anyon...

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    By -Alexa /
  3. body image

    Started by mils456 / 19/05/2020 23:50 / Replies 1
    lately I don't feel ok I look at my body and I don't like what I see, my self esteem has gone dow...

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    By Malachite573 /
  4. Looking after ourselves

    Started by Fighting-2-live / 07/05/2020 09:31 / Replies 7
    hey everyone! i know that everyone is really struggling with this quarantine stuff so i had an id...

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    By Fighting-2-live /
  5. This is a messed up me, and that’s ok

    Started by Malachite573 / 18/05/2020 22:42 / Replies 1
    Hi, My name online is Mal, so you can just call me that, and, i don’t know you, but i know enough...

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    By Malachite573 /
  6. insecure

    Started by xolivia1 / 18/05/2020 22:38 / Replies 1
    i wake up everyday and all i think about is what i’m gonna eat today and what i’m gonna do with m...

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    By Malachite573 /
  7. Body image /

    Started by lilymaeeee / 02/04/2020 19:26 / Replies 6
    i fell very self concious about my body image anf fell like im fay , i know i am not that fat but...

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    By Temporary59057755 /
  8. boys and family

    Started by Astina / 04/05/2020 19:15 / Replies 1
    for a while now Ive had a massive problem with my body image. I don't really like the way I look,...

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    By SuperGurl2020 /
  9. Boys

    Started by Astina / 04/05/2020 19:14 / Replies 0
    so imma just jump to the point - I feel reliant on boys to 'make me feel complete'. like I obsess...
  10. how to start conversations easier

    Started by Geismas / 17/04/2020 15:05 / Replies 3
    i just wanna know how to star conversations easier through text :( there is this nice guy, he is ...

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    By Astina /