Self Esteem

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  1. My anxiety is terrible

    Started by XXunicornXX44 / 20/06/2018 19:48 / Replies 0
    every week i cry. i get bullied for my unique ness. if i get something wrong i say im a failure c...
  2. What do you like about yourself?

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 02/03/2018 13:34 / Replies 47
    Guyssss message below what you like about yourself! It can be anything, your writing skills to yo...

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    By AlienHasFeelings2 /
  3. I don't see myself the way other people do

    Started by Skele-Boy / 20/06/2018 17:46 / Replies 0
    So you want to know what _I _look like and my personality, eh? I don't have any images and I neve...
  4. My parents are the reason im insecure? /

    Started by Rainbowpuffs / 17/06/2018 01:27 / Replies 0
    So at the start of year 7 (not too long ago) I started feeling really sad I didn't have the motiv...
  5. Plz help me /

    Started by Temporary10395558 / 10/06/2018 22:48 / Replies 3
    hi you might of seen the one i just did but i need to add something. recently my dad has been cal...

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    By Amydxx /
  6. Depression And Self Esteem

    Started by jessicaf11 / 06/06/2018 23:07 / Replies 2
    Hey, I've never done this before but my friend said it would help, I feel like I'm not good enoug...

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    By Myname5727 /
  7. Self esteem

    Started by Temporary10395558 / 10/06/2018 22:33 / Replies 1
    hi recently my dad has been calling my names and calling me useless which has really ruined my se...

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    By Myname5727 /
  8. self confidence

    Started by lh2706 / 04/06/2018 19:25 / Replies 2
    I always used to be confident up until first year of comp. It started when i started getting bull...

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    By Myname5727 /
  9. Self esteem problems and other /

    Started by Clover-22 / 25/05/2018 22:23 / Replies 1
    hello i just needed to put what going on with me out there to show others that they arent alone. ...

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    By Emily13575 /
  10. self-confidence

    Started by Charlieh3355 / 31/05/2018 20:04 / Replies 0
    i used to be really confident in primary but since high school its gone more and more each year. ...