Sadness and Depression

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  1. Friends chat group /

    Started by Beauty-Rose / 20/01/2021 02:13 / Replies 35
    Hi, I am 12 years old who is autistic and suicidal.I have been through alot like domestic voilanc...

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    By cutefunnyizzy /
  2. Late night panic attacks and fear of death

    Started by Ihatehoping / 06/03/2021 23:23 / Replies 0
    This has happen since i was fairly little and has come back to haunt me. Im scared of death, as i...
  3. I hate my life

    Started by TheLonelyGirlXOX / 06/03/2021 21:03 / Replies 0
    Hey guys, I am very depressed. So depressed that I've tried to takemy life a few times. Thats sto...
  4. up and down

    Started by ShadowTwister / 06/03/2021 17:42 / Replies 0
    I dont believe im depressed or ill. sometimes i can be really happy and ill excersise and do my w...
  5. am i going crazy ?? please help !!

    Started by x-xmbxr-x / 06/03/2021 00:02 / Replies 0
    i suffer from deppression and although its gotten a lot better i still go through pretty bad depr...
  6. Fear

    Started by soppydog / 02/05/2020 01:18 / Replies 3
    Recently since lockdown death has been on my mind a lot, I am unable to sleep and break down in t...

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    By watcherandwaiter /
  7. Depression - just wanted to rant i guess

    Started by Temporary20174440 / 04/03/2021 00:41 / Replies 2
    Im so tired and close to giving up no one cares Im sat every night not being able to sleep becaus...

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    By Temporary27603405 /
  8. Hating Myself

    Started by TheLonelyGirlXOX / 28/02/2021 18:50 / Replies 1
    Hey guys, I am very depressed and sad. I start school again soon, and I need to learn how to hide...

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    By CherryPopsicle24 /
  9. feeling worthless

    Started by SpaceGnome / 27/02/2021 21:54 / Replies 1
    hi im 13 and for the past few months ive been really down. i feel like im wasting my life and tha...

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    By namingg /
  10. Family

    Started by Temporary56595361 / 01/09/2020 13:46 / Replies 4
    I have an older brother who is very annoying. I have realised he is the reason I am depressed as ...

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    By A2toinette /