Sadness and Depression

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  1. Girlfriend’s parents won’t take her back to therapy

    Started by updog97 / 19/03/2018 19:04 / Replies 1
    I have been dating my girlfriend for 6 months now and i love her very much. she has been depresse...

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    By LittleShyGreyFox /
  2. Depression or not

    Started by idontknowanddonecare / 17/03/2018 09:43 / Replies 5
    depressed but im not sure. I am not sure how i feel about anything anymore, life seems too hard f...

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    By Rainbow51 /
  3. Types of Depression

    Started by Doofleflower / 12/03/2018 18:36 / Replies 2
    Hey, if you're confused about what kind of depression you might have, I made this handy guide! (p...

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    By Doofleflower /
  4. I'm Sad, what do i do?

    Started by squirrelman / 19/03/2018 14:59 / Replies 1
    I have been really upset lately and I just can't stop it. I have lost someone recently and every ...

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    By Temporary47666891 /
  5. Homework suicide note

    Started by Sophoc / 18/03/2018 13:03 / Replies 2
    At school my teacher set me the homework of writing a suicide note. It makes me feel really very ...

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    By S1-OA1 /
  6. Sadness and depression

    Started by thickynicky / 18/03/2018 00:35 / Replies 2
    I have been depressed for a long time and it sucks I have told my parents many times I have been ...

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    By thickynicky /
  7. Just can't cope anymore.

    Started by oneextremetoanother / 08/03/2018 23:48 / Replies 8
    Going to be completely honest, the main cause of the reason I feel so broken is because I miss so...

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    By Rainbow51 /
  8. I’m struggling with feelings can anyone help

    Started by Rainbow51 / 17/03/2018 21:48 / Replies 0
    ill keep it short but basically i cant cope anymore with everything i either feel numb or useless...
  9. Hurt...

    Started by Chetagal / 15/03/2018 21:33 / Replies 3
    Is life supposed to hurt this badly? Or is it just me?

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    By miaalouise /
  10. Running away

    Started by anniexxxxxxxx / 17/03/2018 00:01 / Replies 2
    i want to run away, im so fed up & tired of the way im feeling! Any tips? x

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    By thickynicky /