Sadness and Depression

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  1. I’m getting worse.. /

    Started by Eek2006 / 22/09/2018 21:52 / Replies 4
    I’ve been very depressed, having hallucinations, panic attacks for no reason, and eating disorder...

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    By A-N-Y-A /
  2. Im done

    Started by Blluue / 23/09/2018 22:55 / Replies 0
    I’ve honestly had enough, I just feel like breaking into a million tiny pieces and becoming invis...
  3. Let's talk about depression and being sad

    Started by LittleGuidanceGirl / 23/09/2018 22:48 / Replies 0
    Hello! How u feelin? I understand feeling sad can be really difficult. All humans feel sadness so...
  4. not wanting to be here

    Started by depressedahaha / 20/09/2018 22:33 / Replies 2
    i’m new to this so hey i don’t really know where to start, i need help. i’m a 13 year old girl wh...

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    By Sadandlonely2006 /
  5. Feeling depressed and alone

    Started by MBMR123 / 23/09/2018 19:42 / Replies 1
    I feel so low. My health at the moment really isnt great and i‘ve recently been diagnosed with An...

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    By UserLPK /
  6. i wish i wasn't here.

    Started by Abbey-07 / 20/09/2018 20:03 / Replies 1
    i feel so horrible.i hate myself so much and i just want my pain to go away. my parents are const...

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    By UserLPK /
  7. Depression

    Started by Temporary15492009 / 20/09/2018 23:07 / Replies 1
    I think I may suffer from depression. my parents dont suport me or even listen to me. i spend my ...

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    By UserLPK /
  8. Need help drawing ideas

    Started by JD8380 / 22/09/2018 21:10 / Replies 1
    i suffer form depression i had self harmed before and i have sucidal thoughts i want to put how i...

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    By UserLPK /
  9. Life

    Started by EmptyBox147 / 22/09/2018 19:02 / Replies 1
    I wake up, I’m depressed. I try and think positive but it just makes it worst. I feel like I’m at...

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    By kelseyhcx /
  10. Depressed Depressed Depressed /

    Started by j3fro / 05/09/2012 09:59 / Replies 8
    Hi , I would just like to let out my feelings right now. At the moment I am stressed and depresse...

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    By Unspok3nof /