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  1. Uplifting Songs Thread (please share your own)

    Started by Thoughtsybubble123 / 11/02/2019 20:23 / Replies 24
    Hello Amazing People, I hope your all feeling okay right now. I thought I would make a thread for...

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    By GoldenMacaw10 /
  2. Self Harm Recovery

    Started by Maddie123xoxx / 28/10/2020 00:32 / Replies 0
    Hi guys, I'm trying to recover from self harming and I'm now 10 days clean! Does anyone have any ...
  3. COPING WITH MY RECOVERY: Discovering my love for languages & making new friends

    Started by Betty-Boo123 / 27/09/2020 19:06 / Replies 3
    I'm absolutely obsessed with languages. I'm so obsessed with languages that I decided to research...

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    By Sofia06 /
  4. Reasons not to? (Share yours, please?)

    Started by AlwaysHaveHopex / 30/07/2018 13:12 / Replies 14
    Hi :) Could we do a ‘here are some reasons not to self harm’ thread? If anyone has any reasons no...

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    By AndyLives /
  5. Body image

    Started by daisyy2002 / 23/07/2020 12:27 / Replies 6
    Hello! I just wanted to ask if anyone had any tips on having a positive body image, when you don'...

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    By daisyy2002 /
  6. Anorexia Recovery :)

    Started by suicidal-sheep / 31/03/2020 19:16 / Replies 11
    Hey there :) ​ My name is Lillith and for the past 13 months, I have been in recovery and i...

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    By KittyCouture /
  7. Binge eating / overeating

    Started by daisyy2002 / 21/07/2020 17:01 / Replies 2
    Hello, so i've had binge eating disorder for a couple of years now, and a few months ago things w...

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    By daisyy2002 /
  8. therapy

    Started by tinyone / 21/05/2020 09:23 / Replies 3
    I feel like i'd benefit from possibly going to therapy, but i don't know who to talk to about get...

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    By NaijaBaby28 /
  9. Binge Eating Disorder recovery:))

    Started by daisyy2002 / 17/06/2020 07:36 / Replies 2
    Hi everyone:) So basically I wanted to start a thread giving some tips & advice that really h...

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    By daisyy2002 /
  10. Life after a psych ward

    Started by ellisjem / 04/06/2020 15:56 / Replies 4
    Hi everyone, So I have been in a psychiatric hospital since February and am doing okay in my reco...

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    By cottagemuffin /