Puberty- Trans & Non Binary

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  1. Already having issues, well here's another!

    Started by AkiraZ / 30/08/2018 03:51 / Replies 1
    Okay so Im a Pan, potential girl, who is questioning my gender identity. Can I be Pan AND Trans??...

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    By Y0uTub3Fan /
  2. Free binders!!

    Started by TheGenderfluidGuest / 21/09/2018 18:27 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone, I have found places that give free binders to "trans youth" including nonb...
  3. Binding?

    Started by Y0uTub3Fan / 19/09/2018 21:36 / Replies 0
    Hey. I'm an Agender 15 year old who wants to start binding their chest. But, I don't think my mam...
  4. physical education and swimming [ FtM ] help please 😂

    Started by butterfly-stomach / 01/09/2017 11:36 / Replies 4
    so, i'm a trans guy. but i'm in the closet. i've kind of come out to a few of my close friends, a...

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    By Scientific-Potato /
  5. How to cope with periods

    Started by floatingcloudsofashxx / 14/04/2017 17:57 / Replies 5
    I was two weeks clean from self harm and then i got my period and now i want to self harm help

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    By --l-i--a-m-- /
  6. What does binding feel like

    Started by Rene07 / 09/04/2017 08:58 / Replies 3
    I'm ftm and I know I won't be binding any time soon as my parents definitely won't allow that, bu...

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    By --l-i--a-m-- /
  7. Buying the pill.

    Started by Ya-boi / 18/04/2016 00:36 / Replies 7
    So i want to buy the pill to stop my periods, does anyone know where i can buy them without them ...

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    By Ya-boi /
  8. my friend needs advice!

    Started by myraggedydoll / 08/10/2017 15:59 / Replies 4
    hi again one of my closest friends is ftm and we both go to an 'all-girl's' school. as someone wh...

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    By UnicornNutella /
  9. Questioning My Gender

    Started by Madzie1 / 27/10/2017 22:16 / Replies 3
    I'm a born female, but lately I have been picturing myself as a male, and wearing male clothes. I...

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    By fobtrick /
  10. binders innit

    Started by myraggedydoll / 08/10/2017 15:51 / Replies 3
    ok so i'll try to explain this as best as i can. i'm not out to any family as non-binary at all, ...

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    By Taco-Bell-Saga /