Physical Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Threats and violence

    Started by Boobooxox / 02/12/2018 14:57 / Replies 1
    so my step dad whatever you want to call him had lived with us just over 6 years now he has alway...

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    By Bethie2003 /
  2. Is this abuse or not??

    Started by noahisokayiguess / 12/12/2018 15:31 / Replies 1
    (This might be emotional AND physical btw) So ever since I was little my parents always half joki...

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    By Trucey /
  3. what do I do?

    Started by missfootball / 03/12/2018 20:47 / Replies 1
    my sister constantly throws things at me. whole packs of paper, shower gels, hard things. she phy...

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    By DogAddict135 /
  4. im physically and emotionally abused /

    Started by nausicaaseriously / 23/08/2016 16:33 / Replies 6
    hey. my parents physically (and emotionally) abuse me. when the get into arguments/fights with me...

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    By Zincccccc /
  5. Is this abuse? /

    Started by notsoph / 25/11/2018 23:02 / Replies 1
    Since I can remember I have always been physically and mentally abused by my mother. My dad used ...

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    By Temporary03757527 /
  6. Abuse

    Started by Abandoned-Lonely-Soul / 21/11/2018 22:07 / Replies 0
    Growing up i have been abused by my step dad and mum. I have traumatic flash backs to these event...
  7. is this abuse

    Started by llamaailsa / 09/09/2018 20:07 / Replies 1
    my sister continusly hits me for small things and sometimes nothing like today my sister threw a ...

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    By omambach /
  8. Physical abuse and threats

    Started by Temporary17199054 / 03/11/2018 22:59 / Replies 0
    Sometimes my mum threatens to either abandon me or hurt me, but there has been a few incidents wh...
  9. Physical abuse

    Started by Kirst48 / 04/10/2018 21:47 / Replies 4
    Hi I’m 17 And living in the U.K. my mum hits me and throws things at me I get bruises,scratches A...

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    By Temporary34845728 /
  10. I give up.

    Started by LoopyLouz / 26/08/2018 14:53 / Replies 1
    I love my mum. We are really close because for my whole life it’s just been us, I’ve never met my...

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    By KnockknockknockPennyx3 /