Physical Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Abuse?

    Started by I-am-beautiful-xx / 11/08/2018 22:14 / Replies 3
    Is this Abuse? My dad has hurt me quite a bit and it hasnt been for a while though but i am terif...

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    By Temporary00643309 /
  2. Is this abuse?

    Started by Kirst48 / 17/09/2018 15:10 / Replies 0
    my mum throws things at me and i get lumps on my head or bruises is this abuse? what should i do ...
  3. is this abuse

    Started by llamaailsa / 09/09/2018 20:07 / Replies 0
    my sister continusly hits me for small things and sometimes nothing like today my sister threw a ...
  4. Is this abuse?

    Started by xxxchar / 08/09/2018 10:50 / Replies 1
    Me and mum are close well we haven’t been for while but I thought we were back on track. But me a...

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    By naryagirl /
  5. Is this abuse? /

    Started by Lilymaexoxo / 13/08/2018 16:55 / Replies 3
    hey im millie, im 12 years old. i was just wondering what to do and how to make it stop😭 my mum ...

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    By Lilymaexoxo /
  6. Continuous Abuse (Dont Know What To Do)

    Started by TeenSurvival / 28/06/2018 20:17 / Replies 3
    Well, I dont know how to start this off so im just going to tell my story About a year ago i cont...

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    By Sarax57 /
  7. I give up.

    Started by LoopyLouz / 26/08/2018 14:53 / Replies 0
    I love my mum. We are really close because for my whole life it’s just been us, I’ve never met my...
  8. Did my parents abuse me ? /

    Started by Lightbulb1234 / 02/08/2018 09:12 / Replies 4
    When I was younger if I ever did anything wrong my parents would hit me really hard. I would try ...

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    By Aliciamatilda /
  9. Did my dad abuse me?

    Started by Eddxie / 30/07/2018 06:21 / Replies 2
    Whenever I get into arguments with my parents, I usually just give up being logical and try to ge...

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    By Alice-2004 /
  10. My dad hurt me twice

    Started by Jefffff / 05/08/2018 20:03 / Replies 2
    he put his hand round my throat because i wasn't doing maths .then a few days later he hit me rou...

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    By Jellyfish2367 /