Physical Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. my parents slapping me

    Started by DepressedChild13 / 21/01/2020 18:27 / Replies 0
    i don't know if i should say this but my parents hate me they slap me eve it is illegal sometimes...
  2. Is it abuse

    Started by PotatoCatKizzy / 21/01/2020 02:30 / Replies 0
    On my school bus i was minding my own business when a boy grabbed my head with no warning. it has...
  3. friend is abused

    Started by randomhummous / 18/01/2020 19:17 / Replies 0
    i dont know if i should say this on here, but a year ago my friend told me how her parents would ...
  4. mental and phisical abuse

    Started by Erinlorraine / 04/01/2020 11:07 / Replies 2
    hi my name is Erin when it comes to somethings im really lucky and I get a lot for Christmas and ...

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    By Temporary89123083 /
  5. parents

    Started by ivyyy0 / 08/12/2019 18:35 / Replies 4
    I'm adopted and my new foster parents are awful. I can't get in touch with my social carer and I ...

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    By G1rl2020 /
  6. when they beat me

    Started by onefairygirl / 26/12/2019 22:12 / Replies 1
    if his mommy beats somebody you are his daddy with some kind of device only with a hand or their ...

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    By onefairygirl /
  7. My mum

    Started by Temporary81798922 / 31/12/2019 03:28 / Replies 1
    my mum hurt me for no reson called me really bad names and i would often try and hurt her enough ...

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    By bluebananna19 /
  8. My Abusive brother

    Started by MyNameI / 29/12/2019 23:54 / Replies 1
    I have a horrible brother and I don’t know what to do. He’s two years older than me and he’s turn...

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    By bluebananna19 /
  9. Having an abusive parent

    Started by Historystudent / 20/10/2019 22:48 / Replies 2
    I‘ve been feeling quite down tonight so I thought I‘d share how I feel with you from university. ...

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    By Temporary81798922 /
  10. Sibling Abuse

    Started by Wishful17 / 29/12/2019 23:08 / Replies 0
    I have an older Sister who is now 19, and for years she has been horrible to me. She screams at m...