Physical Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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    Started by Charlieeeayyyyyy / 03/05/2017 22:30 / Replies 2
    I am so surprised theres so little about this on this website I was just wondering if anyone epse...

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    By 1234456ib /
  2. Abuse from a younger sibling.

    Started by here-to-help-my-friend / 18/01/2016 18:19 / Replies 3
    Okay, so this is a thread about abuse from younger siblings, as it is a subject not talked about ...

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    By Pai7262 /
  3. Abuse at Home

    Started by TeenSurvival / 05/05/2017 10:58 / Replies 21
    Hi im 14 years old and for as long as i can remember ive been abused. I was born into a muslim fa...

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    By Ilovedramainschool /
  4. Is this child abuse? Please help

    Started by smile1 / 08/10/2011 13:56 / Replies 47
    Hello, I am 14 and I live a life of fear from my mum I get hit, punched, kicked, thrown out the h...

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    By Mehmet1102 /
  5. My dad abuses me

    Started by Mehmet1102 / 18/06/2018 20:54 / Replies 0
    Hey,My Name is Mehmet.I get abused by my dad because of my behaviour in school and i would love t...
  6. Abuse

    Started by Harry-Potter1 / 20/04/2018 04:14 / Replies 1
    Hi all A few weeks ago a few boys came up to me and one of them tried to strangle me i remeber ca...

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    By freewheelin /
  7. My mum hits me

    Started by Temporary01791172 / 17/05/2018 12:08 / Replies 1
    help my name connor and i have had to deal with my abusive german mother please and i have a brot...

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    By freewheelin /
  8. physical and emotional abuse

    Started by animelover7 / 26/05/2018 15:32 / Replies 1
    . I have become even more aggressive and even more angry in the past 3 years. i'm 12 now nearly 1...

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    By freewheelin /
  9. Is this abuse or discipline?

    Started by Amura- / 05/06/2018 23:05 / Replies 1
    So everyday there is always this situation as if i dont do something and say 'no' they smack me w...

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    By PizzaAndChips /
  10. Should I get help?

    Started by Riha27 / 13/06/2018 19:56 / Replies 1
    My parents abused me physically and verbally when they found out I was gay. They almost tried to ...

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    By freewheelin /