Self harm

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Coping Methods-this may help :) /

    Started by LostAndLonely97 / 04/07/2016 22:46 / Replies 428
    Hey hope youre all feeling ok. Here are some coping methods which may help you distract yourself ...

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    By Temporary38602883 /
  2. READ THIS IF... you want to self harm /

    Started by Alphabet15 / 29/06/2016 21:44 / Replies 627
    Numbing the pain for a while, only makes it worse when you finally feel it- Dumbledore Stop. Thin...

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    By wizard-of-oz-123 /
  3. self harm

    Started by Temporary77746875 / 24/11/2020 22:32 / Replies 0
    its becoming addicting and like a coping mechanism. I have nothing to live for at the moment and ...
  4. :/

    Started by Temporary90178375 / 24/11/2020 00:30 / Replies 1
    I've been feeling quite crap lately and its been making me not able to leave the house and do thi...

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    By ReaderLyriv /
  5. I need help.

    Started by AshHasArrived / 22/11/2020 22:38 / Replies 2
    Hi, does anybody have a subtle coping mechanism? I harmed for the first time in 6 months yesterda...

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    By Temporary70165098 /
  6. Self harm

    Started by Temporary84316081 / 24/06/2020 23:13 / Replies 4
    so ive been self harming for 5 years now. it started with a scratch then it became more deep and ...

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    By Ams1001 /
  7. I cannot stop.

    Started by sometimesitsokaytobesad / 16/11/2020 18:23 / Replies 1
    hi, so it's been 3 years since the first time i ever cut and back then it wasn't so bad, i was cl...

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    By Kai2808 /
  8. Hi...

    Started by Fighting-2-live / 29/03/2020 16:42 / Replies 4
    hey everyone. i have been 6 months clean as some of you may know which is a huge achievement for ...

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    By Temporary79721840 /
  9. How to stop

    Started by Temporary77497910 / 12/11/2020 13:57 / Replies 4
    Does anyone know of a way to stop self harming that has worked. I've been trying to find ways to ...

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    By Galotwo /
  10. How do i stop myself from self harming?

    Started by symbia / 16/11/2020 22:56 / Replies 1
    I have self harmed for years but I want to try and stop, what are some good ways to stop?

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    By Iamaluckylesbien /