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  1. Lonleyness

    Started by Toodlesays147 / 13/11/2018 21:00 / Replies 1
    I feel lonley because no one that I know shares the same work ethic or interests as me. If I stru...

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    By 5adFace /
  2. What’s the point anymore

    Started by Temporary44161704 / 29/11/2018 16:13 / Replies 1
    recently ive felt lonely and feel as if im just being pulled through my education without actuall...

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    By Bookworm6002 /
  3. Homesick

    Started by 4EverMe / 02/12/2018 08:24 / Replies 0
    I'm 18 and in my first year of uni. I'm three weeks away from the Christmas holidays but I'm feel...
  4. Feel so sad and have 0% friends

    Started by SebastianDUDE / 16/11/2018 16:04 / Replies 2
    Hey, I am Sebastian/Scarlett. A partly in the closet trans (stuck in the body of a girl). I have ...

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    By SebastianDUDE /
  5. Excepting myself /

    Started by Tamaskan / 04/11/2018 21:03 / Replies 2
    Ever since I was young I knew I was trans. I've always felt like I was in the wrong body. I told ...

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    By swirlygirl06 /
  6. i feel useless and that no one wantsto be around me, not even my own mom

    Started by mygx1993 / 18/11/2018 23:07 / Replies 2
    i feel like everything is going wrong and i just want someone to love me and hug me. i cant have ...

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    By Megsyeggsy /
  7. Lonely

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 28/02/2018 19:07 / Replies 2
    I've always liked being by my self ever since primary... I remember i had this one friend we exch...

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    By AlienHasFeelings2 /
  8. Feeling alone.

    Started by Abandoned-Lonely-Soul / 21/11/2018 21:44 / Replies 4
    My mind is so far out of reach and so complex that i often feel alone. Even in a room full of cro...

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    By saadi15 /
  9. alcoholic mother

    Started by theresalwayslight / 02/07/2014 19:00 / Replies 5
    i dont know what to do, i was just wondering if theres anyone else out there that has or had an a...

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    By beckyeme /
  10. Abuse

    Started by Weirdandproud123 / 16/04/2018 00:07 / Replies 5
    im 11years old and when i was younger i was abused by my mum from that ive devoloped anxiety, ser...

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    By Weirdandproud123 /