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  1. I need a best friend on childline.

    Started by TinyBlue / 14/12/2019 13:44 / Replies 4
    Hello everyone! Nobody likes me because I am small. I feel really lonely. I really need a best fr...

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    By Temporary48113010 /
  2. Can’t stop lying

    Started by PizzaAndChips / 13/01/2020 21:58 / Replies 2
    Hi, I didn’t really know where to put this exactly. I’ve lied a lot from a young age and it’s get...

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    By Monty- /
  3. loneliness and sadness

    Started by mush771 / 05/01/2020 03:54 / Replies 3
    Hello everyone At the start of last year, I felt pretty good about the future, I had worked hard ...

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    By Yilop9 /
  4. Text Fallouts

    Started by JessieMockingjay / 11/01/2020 21:47 / Replies 0
    hello everyone , i recently had a text fight with the only 3 friends i have and now i talk in cla...
  5. Need some advice to do with lonliness.

    Started by InstantCoffee1404 / 05/01/2020 01:04 / Replies 0
    Hi, so for nearly the last year I've been struggling with severe loneliness, depression, stress m...
  6. Lost in my own mind

    Started by jesislost / 28/11/2019 20:11 / Replies 4
    Hey, im Jes and I’m 12 and I feel like im lost in my own mind. Everything around me is falling ap...

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    By SpaceBean /
  7. Alone /

    Started by Taeiless / 28/11/2019 23:04 / Replies 3
    I have been dealing with the constant fear of being alone. I am in a friendship group of 9 people...

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    By GFRWSparkle123 /
  8. I hate cats and dogs

    Started by Im-cute-and-fluffy / 21/12/2019 14:01 / Replies 3
    I hate my uncles girlfriends sisters dog Roxy.

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    By rocky2294 /
  9. Parents split up

    Started by Temporary78335064 / 28/12/2019 15:34 / Replies 1
    My parents recently split up. I dont think they realise how hard it is on me. I have secretly cri...

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    By rabbit-lover123 /
  10. part two

    Started by shan1non / 02/11/2019 23:34 / Replies 1
    i met with an ex best friend and her mum made a comment about my weight loss. this was the furst ...

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    By rocky2294 /