Living with Deafness and Disability

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  1. Autism

    Started by BouncyWalkingWolf3799 / 06/07/2022 17:56 / Replies 2
    Hi, is autism something that your born with or can you get it at any point in life, because ive s...

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    By BouncyWalkingWolf3799 /
  2. Books on Autism

    Started by GoldenRetrieverPuppy / 14/02/2021 12:40 / Replies 5
    Hi, I'm being tested for autism and I am currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the...

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    By MistyRestingGoat7699 /
  3. Need A Some Help, thanks x

    Started by Singerwriter / 23/12/2021 17:14 / Replies 35
    Hey, So I'm writing this book about neurodiversity/disabilities and wanted to know what its like ...

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    By MistyRestingGoat7699 /
  4. Living with a disability

    Started by Sketch72717271 / 26/06/2022 00:41 / Replies 0
    i was diagnosed with a genetic disability last year (ehlers danlos syndrome), i didn’t really pro...
  5. Coping with life / Tolerance - Autism

    Started by PowerfulWorkingFrog8462 / 19/03/2022 07:32 / Replies 1
    Hi Everyone, I’m Star and I was diagnosed with ASD just before my 15th birthday, due to masking. ...

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    By beans-of-jelly /
  6. I have gastroparesis?

    Started by CatholicZebra / 23/09/2018 02:06 / Replies 4
    For the last 4 months I’ve been having problems with vomiting, diarehha, bloating and stomach pai...

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    By PurpleLeggedBalloonPerson /
  7. ADHD in girls

    Started by BrightLookingPanda4067 / 02/06/2022 08:01 / Replies 3
    So recently i have been thinking i have adhd so i want to go over symptoms see if anyone is the s...

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    By BrightLookingPanda4067 /
  8. disibiltys

    Started by BouncySharingLynx5387 / 10/05/2022 19:42 / Replies 1
    Hello im Sophia and im AUTISTIC its though because I have a bunch of skills onhow to take control...

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    By GoldenRetrieverPuppy /
  9. Anyone else have essential tremor?

    Started by MusicalVibingLynx2101 / 04/06/2022 08:13 / Replies 0
    Hi, nobody had to reply to this. Don't know if anyone else has this, but I have an essential trem...
  10. ADHD

    Started by itstheythem13 / 09/06/2021 19:18 / Replies 1
    Hi all. I'm Bart and I'm 13. Ever since i was 2 or 3 years old, I've always found it hard to list...

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    By BrightLookingPanda4067 /