Living with Deafness and Disability

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  1. Living with Mental Health and Autism

    Started by TheLonelyGirlXOX / 28/02/2021 18:42 / Replies 3
    Hey guys, My mental health is pretty bad - hence why I use Childline. I also live with autism.

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    By ConnerTheTransGuy /
  2. tics

    Started by JAY947483847283747 / 24/02/2021 22:35 / Replies 0
    Hey, For about a year ago I started getting tics. They weren’t even noticeable and would happen l...
  3. Mental Health and Deafness

    Started by Westsidestory / 16/02/2021 22:53 / Replies 0
    I have suffered with my mental health since 11, after being builed for years and then changing sc...
  4. Books on Autism

    Started by GoldenRetrieverPuppy / 14/02/2021 12:40 / Replies 3
    Hi, I'm being tested for autism and I am currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the...

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    By ConnerTheTransGuy /
  5. Tics and TS (Tourette's)

    Started by Boba-Tea / 02/02/2021 20:08 / Replies 1
    <div>Hello! I am 14, and my name is Tea. For the past few years, I have had involuntary mov...

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    By Evo-12 /
  6. Deafness

    Started by Temporary92738138 / 18/12/2020 18:00 / Replies 5
    I am deaf in one ear and since I have gone back I am struggling to hear people as we have to wear...

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    By Temporary92738138 /
  7. Girls on the Autism Spectrum

    Started by GoldenRetrieverPuppy / 28/01/2021 11:09 / Replies 2
    Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm waiting to be tested for autism. (I'm not diagnosed, so please...

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    By GoldenRetrieverPuppy /
  8. Autism, ADHD and school at home.

    Started by bestchemical / 17/06/2020 03:05 / Replies 6
    Hi, I'm currently in college and due to the pandemic, stuck working at home. Because of mainly my...

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    By Hi123410 /
  9. klinefelter syndrome

    Started by Aaron-5 / 09/12/2020 01:02 / Replies 0
    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with this rare condition called klinefelters syndrome it only happen...
  10. Autism and possible adhd

    Started by AlienS33-4 / 18/11/2020 21:05 / Replies 2
    I am autistic and ina specialisg unit at scjool due to rhis i hate the dauly struggles and wisb i...

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    By AlienS33-4 /