Learning Difficulties

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  1. Potential System

    Started by MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / 23/09/2021 11:43 / Replies 2
    ’Sup? I’m Bunni and I think I may be part of an OSDD system. I would like to know if theres any o...

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    By MyDogHasDogThatIsDog /
  2. Just need someone to talk to! #adhd

    Started by RonCatWeasley / 27/09/2021 06:48 / Replies 0
    Hi I am a 12 year old girl and I struggle. Me and my mum think I have adhd even though it took a ...
  3. I think I have ADHD and it's really annoying

    Started by I-loves-dogs / 11/04/2021 20:20 / Replies 4
    Hi. I think I have mild ADHD. The main symptoms that I get are being forgetful and making careles...

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    By SplendidTextingJaguar3882 /
  4. Autism Assessment

    Started by MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / 22/09/2021 01:04 / Replies 0
    I‘ve been waiting over a year for this. I’m getting really sick of waiting. Does anybody know how...
  5. ADHD?

    Started by 33raccoon55 / 31/08/2021 02:16 / Replies 1
    Hi I think I have ADHD and I know that you shouldn’t self diagnose because it can be really harmf...

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    By RonCatWeasley /
  6. ADHD (sorry I know loads of threads are called this)

    Started by Gay-Idiot / 12/09/2021 15:15 / Replies 3
    so basically i have most of the symptoms of ADHD but im shy so dont disrupt class. my parents hav...

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    By BugsBunny2718 /
  7. Tics

    Started by MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / 07/09/2021 22:32 / Replies 0
    I have tics but haven’t warned my teachers because they weren’t as bad at the start of the week, ...
  8. coping with a learning disability

    Started by MagicalSharingGoose7337 / 04/09/2021 22:22 / Replies 0
    Hello i am annabelle and im a 15 year old girl ​ lately, ive rlly struggled with having dys...
  9. How to get a diagnosis

    Started by FamousJumpingGoose4438 / 19/07/2021 20:37 / Replies 2
    Hi, I thinck I have ADHD and dylesxia but I dont know how to get a diganosis I hvae been disagnos...

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    By FamousJumpingGoose4438 /
  10. ADHD

    Started by GoldenRetrieverPuppy / 12/03/2021 19:48 / Replies 12
    Hello, I'm a 13-year-old girl and I think I could have ADHD. I'm NOT trying to self-diagnose, but...

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    By RonCatWeasley /