Learning Difficulties

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  1. Autism/adhd friends?

    Started by Ellie-1011 / 05/08/2020 23:59 / Replies 1
    ive got signed forms and im waiting to see if i have autism or adhd could someone be friends with...

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  2. my friend and how she feels about asd? / possible content warning

    Started by flyflamingo / 10/08/2020 13:43 / Replies 0
    sooo i wasn't sure if i should post this in friends or just here but i'll post it here if it fits...
  3. Parents don't understand learning disability

    Started by FelicitytheKitty / 09/08/2020 17:32 / Replies 0
    Hi, This is really hard for me to explain, so please note that in case it is hard to understand. ...
  4. Family,learning stuff and school

    Started by Ellie-1011 / 05/08/2020 23:57 / Replies 0
    im scared. i got put into camhs not long ago and i told them about me how i it was hard for me at...
  5. Dyslexia

    Started by Mochicat / 01/01/2020 12:47 / Replies 11
    Anyone here with dyslexia or visual stress,if you are please reply i kinda feel alone in this sit...

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    By IAmGroot15 /
  6. Autism And Parents

    Started by tyelfi / 28/06/2020 20:51 / Replies 2
    Hi, basically I think im autistic. i have done a lot of research and have realised it fits me qui...

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  7. Autism

    Started by Blossomingflower / 15/06/2020 18:08 / Replies 8
    Hello my name is Eloise. I have recently been diagnosed with ASD, I wondered if anyone who also h...

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    By inspiringunicorn57921 /
  8. Autism obsessions/weird interests

    Started by mabinogion / 16/07/2020 08:08 / Replies 0
    so im diagnosed with asd and in the past i have had several weird interests/obsessions with rando...
  9. Irlens and visual stress

    Started by Sportismylife / 04/07/2020 22:04 / Replies 2
    hi if anyone has this i was wondering if you could tell me about they eye test to get coloured le...

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    By Sportismylife /
  10. Anyone have visual stress?

    Started by beetrootrun123 / 20/02/2019 23:14 / Replies 15
    Hey, so I'm 15 and at an all girls school. I was wondering if anyone has heard of the disability ...

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