Home and family

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  1. MUM. FAMILY. HOME. :(

    Started by MegsLouise / 18/07/2018 19:07 / Replies 0
    Today I had a really big argument with my Mum. I have been for the past like 9 months maybe. We n...
  2. My parents

    Started by Spanner11 / 17/07/2018 21:38 / Replies 0
    I just feel like my parent a leave me out especially my dad he always shouts at me and the other ...
  3. I hate my dad

    Started by sosawillnevergetfixed / 14/07/2018 01:22 / Replies 3
    my dad is a unstable human and my mum is just delusional. all my dad does is scream at me, dismis...

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    By Adhira19 /
  4. Parents

    Started by BeeKayla / 17/07/2018 18:17 / Replies 0
    Recently my mum has been going thorugh some personal things from her past and since i can remembe...
  5. Home issues

    Started by Temporary84792139 / 15/07/2018 21:27 / Replies 1
    I was wondering if anyone could offer me support or motivation for my life because i'm very sad a...

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    By Teenagergold /
  6. I literally have no one...

    Started by QueenCor / 15/07/2018 05:45 / Replies 0
    My sister mentally abuses me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. she talks to me like a baby hits me for no reaso...
  7. My parents are cruel

    Started by Riiixoxo / 30/06/2018 11:33 / Replies 1
    My parents are strict to the point where I can't be the person who I want to be can't dress how I...

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    By county-cricketer-007 /
  8. Alcoholic Dad

    Started by Amelia1133 / 06/07/2018 21:49 / Replies 3
    my dad has been an alcoholic ever since i could remember. since i’m now 15, i feel that it’s only...

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    By cezdancerx /
  9. Parents splitting up!!

    Started by mchammer / 21/06/2011 20:42 / Replies 5
    My parents were going to split up last year but they got back together. The day before christmas ...

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    By cezdancerx /
  10. really bad relationship w my mum

    Started by oliiviaaa / 01/07/2018 01:13 / Replies 4
    hi there. so i have a really bad relationship with my mum. We argue so much and she shouts at me ...

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    By Temporary30040298 /