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  1. Family relationships /

    Started by Jas-Host / 09/07/2019 12:17 / Replies 82
    Hi everyone, We know that lots of you use this board to talk about all your different families, w...

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    By FlexibleActingDove1999 /
  2. Nice and mean mum

    Started by Supertrooperduperlol / 11/08/2018 21:03 / Replies 4
    Hey, Ive read loads of threads about parents and families and i could never find one that matches...

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    By GenderFluidCheese /
  3. Mum body shaming me

    Started by ArtisticWalkingGoat4700 / 06/06/2021 02:12 / Replies 5
    hiya, my name is leah. ​ i am a plus size girl that has now descoverd that my mum is a body...

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    By SuperActingLynx4958 /
  4. my mum is horrible /

    Started by LivelyWalkingRobin3754 / 23/09/2021 07:44 / Replies 1
    hi, im sophie and im 14, my mum loves me and i love her but she can be quite hurtfull and control...

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    By smiles4everx /
  5. Settling in

    Started by smiles4everx / 24/09/2021 11:10 / Replies 0
    Any advice for settling into I new home ? I moved yesterday and it’s so crazy ! Daisy
  6. I Want To Leave My Family But Have Nowhere To Go, Any Help?

    Started by wysffan / 21/09/2021 23:07 / Replies 0
    [ TW I think ] ​ I don’t fully know what I expect by writing here, and this seems to be a c...
  7. i hate my mum

    Started by a-vs-dave-fan / 18/09/2021 11:48 / Replies 1
    hey. im Lotus. basically my mum yells at me and calls me names and i hate her. i want to move out...

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    By ChloeG12 /
  8. Leaving home but I’m 17

    Started by VibrantCyclingEagle7531 / 20/09/2021 22:31 / Replies 0
    hi,i live in a typical perfect home with both parents and my sister but i want to live independen...
  9. Family

    Started by FlexibleVibingRaven4486 / 20/09/2021 20:05 / Replies 1
    my grandma is in a care home and has completely forgotten who i am ​ and my great grandad h...

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    By Transboigayboi666 /
  10. missing people and school

    Started by Temporary32677096 / 20/09/2021 17:15 / Replies 0
    i miss my boyfriend and all my family, they live 2 hours away from me so i barely get to see them...