Hobbies and Interests

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  1. IT and programming

    Started by Hapoiness-isaparty1 / 25/01/2021 23:20 / Replies 0
    Hi, Does anyone else know how to program software on computer. I do it in my spare time and can c...
  2. Does anyone else here like Doctor Who?

    Started by LonelyWillowTree / 17/06/2020 16:08 / Replies 6
    Hi! Call me a nerd but i love Doctor Who. My favourite was David Tennant and my favourite compani...

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    By Bluecoraler /
  3. Comics and superheroes.

    Started by ConnerTheTransGuy / 30/04/2020 14:39 / Replies 112
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone else here likes comics. I love superhero comics (suprise!), especia...

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    By ConnerTheTransGuy /

    Started by OFirework / 22/01/2021 21:55 / Replies 1
    Is anyone else into photography and can anyone else fluently work photoshop

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    By Hapoiness-isaparty1 /
  5. Wanting to start boxing?

    Started by justemma3 / 27/08/2019 17:44 / Replies 1
    Hi. I am an 11 year old girl and looking to start boxing or kickboxing. I used to do karate when ...

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  6. any glee fans?

    Started by -blam2013 / 19/05/2020 19:48 / Replies 2
    so i’ve recently been watching glee and i’ve gotta say i’m rather obsessed. are there any other g...

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  7. Quitting gymnastics

    Started by the-roses / 08/01/2021 18:59 / Replies 7
    Hi everyone, sorry this is so long lol so basically, a couple of years ago i was a gymnast (i was...

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    By the-roses /
  8. Book Recommendations 📚

    Started by Bookworm6002 / 13/02/2019 21:32 / Replies 43
    Hi I am Liz.I am a VERY fast reader so I keep running out of books to read. Does anyone have any ...

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    By Temporary76556578 /
  9. 📖🎵

    Started by Issy3613 / 20/11/2020 19:27 / Replies 8
    Hi, does any body like the Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, or Hunger Game...

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    By Temporary76556578 /
  10. Furries!!

    Started by ArtisticMinecraftKid / 04/09/2020 17:28 / Replies 12
    Hello! I am a furry and my fursona is called Astro and he is a hybrid. I am here to help any furr...

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