Good days

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  1. Finally happy!!! /

    Started by randomperson28173728 / 09/05/2021 19:30 / Replies 5
    So, I know it probably won't last, but I finally feel worthy, and determined. Back to me. I've be...

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    By Chalote1234 /
  2. Gratitude List. What are you grateful for?

    Started by BuddyBooToYou / 17/07/2021 10:01 / Replies 1
    I thought it would be a good idea to add a gratitude list to health and wellbeing. When your feel...

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    By randomperson28173728 /
  3. Always Have Hope x

    Started by ActiveDiggingLlama4876 / 22/05/2021 10:12 / Replies 1
    Hi there, let's just say my name is Kooki, for privacy reasons. This post is just for any people ...

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    By aniraz /
  4. We don't give ourselves enough credit...

    Started by GrowingPositiveThoughts / 17/03/2021 17:57 / Replies 3
    HI! So, if you have clicked on this and feel negative, don't click off until you have thought abo...

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    By GrowingPositiveThoughts /
  5. Talking about hallucinations who are like best friends!

    Started by LuciiIsAFork / 30/04/2021 22:55 / Replies 0
    Hello! ​ I've started this thread so everyone can know about each other's hallucination/ima...
  6. Be friends✨ /

    Started by User12dance / 28/08/2020 15:03 / Replies 12
    Hey everyone my name is Lila, i wanted to start this thread to talk to you, dont worry i wont jud...

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    By BisexualAndaDemigirl /
  7. amazing day :]

    Started by Temporary82131766 / 09/04/2021 20:09 / Replies 1
    i've genuinely had one of the best days of at least the past few years, if not my life. i met up ...

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    By Blackcurranticecream /
  8. Happy 😀😋😊

    Started by Beauty-Rose / 20/01/2021 14:03 / Replies 5
    Today I feel happy as I have mad a friend in the message board in my email called Friends Chat Gr...

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    By Highlandcow /
  9. hi if you would like a nice day follow this.

    Started by helpme1234567 / 16/03/2021 17:44 / Replies 1
    just be yourself and the kind person that you are

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    By CupcakesWithChoc /
  10. Sunny Day

    Started by freddy-here / 19/03/2021 13:57 / Replies 1
    It’s been really lovely and sunny today ​ Flowers are starting to sprout up again and there...

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    By Positivity-smile /