Good days

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  1. Nightmares

    Started by Temporary96901973 / 23/04/2019 21:42 / Replies 0
    hi dont know if anyone else has it but does anyone have the dream of getting dressed and then put...
  2. Helping those who have self harmed

    Started by Tom-34 / 04/04/2019 17:56 / Replies 3
    I have 1 or 2 friends who have self harmed before. I'm not going to go into the details, however,...

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  3. feeling bad about feeling good?

    Started by -Isobel- / 05/04/2019 21:55 / Replies 2
    I have depression and my parents and school have been really supportive. I do three day weeks, re...

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    By LotusPetals /
  4. I Woke Up And I Was Happy

    Started by ViolinJ4 / 07/04/2019 09:17 / Replies 1
    I woke up this morning and I felt oddly great. I don't feel as depressed or angry as I did yester...

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    By Childline-Host /
  5. How gymnastics changed my life

    Started by TiredFlower03 / 13/03/2019 09:44 / Replies 6
    hiya, I just wanted to put a post out here to everyone who is struggling to find hope, needs some...

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    By TiredFlower03 /
  6. You can make friends

    Started by 123Jass / 08/03/2019 16:21 / Replies 3
    im one of those kids who finds it really hard to make friends. Where do i start?,what if they don...

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    By Fantastic-Beast /
  7. Support

    Started by atticus-poetry / 03/02/2019 19:31 / Replies 4
    Hey, ​ I know how hard it is sometimes. That's why I have created this thread, here we can ...

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    By Hazzy-A /
  8. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Are you??

    Started by HammyFan / 28/03/2012 22:34 / Replies 3
    Happy!! At the moment, my life is great. I'm in Y8, with a great group of friends, and some reall...

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    By Hazzy-A /
  9. Self harming Friend

    Started by BobthecraZypotato / 18/09/2017 21:34 / Replies 6
    I have a friend who has been trying to kill herself many of time x i however been helping her con...

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    By Temporary23649113 /
  10. Good days

    Started by Gabazubalaba-12 / 28/02/2019 20:02 / Replies 1
    Hi everyone! i have been having lots of good days at the moment because there have been no family...

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    By 123Jass /