Good days

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  1. Heartstopper on netflix

    Started by BrightSurfingZebra3169 / 23/04/2022 14:06 / Replies 12
    has anyone else watched heartstopper on netflix yet? im currently watching it for the 2nd time, i...

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    By MistyPosingFalcon8812 /
  2. can’t find anywhere on here to have a normal chat with people

    Started by stationery-girl-emma / 02/06/2022 22:54 / Replies 7
    heyyy how yall doin????

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    By cookie-cream335 /
  3. Hope is always there + inspirational quotes

    Started by PurpleDoggies1234 / 21/04/2022 18:40 / Replies 4
    Hello everyone, This is a reminder to all going through hard times that there is ALWAYS hope. Alw...

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    By Just-me-over-here /
  4. A positive coping mechanism!?

    Started by sad-lesbean / 14/05/2022 18:24 / Replies 1
    A positive coping mechanism i thought of was to write down 1 thing that makes you happy everyday,...

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    By pinkpantheress /

    Started by stationery-girl-emma / 02/06/2022 22:57 / Replies 0
    people are gonna talk shit and thats all it is: animal shit from a horses butt. seriously theyre ...
  6. Exam success

    Started by PurpleDoggies1234 / 16/05/2022 20:31 / Replies 1
    Hi, This is a post for exam successes! I am really proud of my self. I did my end of year exams a...

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    By Philosopher1815 /
  7. from a bad day to a good evening

    Started by Philosopher1815 / 31/05/2022 22:08 / Replies 0
    I want to thank my counsellor for helping me get the confidence in myself to make steps towards t...
  8. Science achievement!

    Started by MyCalmPlace11 / 25/05/2022 21:11 / Replies 1
    I did really well in a science exam! I'm so proud of me!

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    By BrightThinkingPuma2278 /
  9. Talk about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING bc I can’t find any normal chat lol

    Started by GracefulDrawingOtter6682 / 24/04/2022 15:14 / Replies 3
    Start chating here, How’s life rn?

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    By GracefulDrawingOtter6682 /
  10. GOOD DAYS!

    Started by ShinyDancer21 / 15/11/2018 20:38 / Replies 5
    Hi everyone I don’t usually have many good days because of personal reasons but somedays for me a...

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    By CarefulVibingLlama3767 /