Good days

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  1. Feeling pain? Don't worry. Read this:

    Started by Candlyfloss123 / 30/06/2019 18:21 / Replies 1
    hi guys, hope u r all having an amazing day. just want to remind u that time is a healer. i know ...

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    By AziraphalesBowTie /
  2. Good Day At School

    Started by musiclover3 / 05/11/2018 17:16 / Replies 3
    Hey!I'm new to this community. My online name is Music E. I'm so excited to start posting on mess...

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    By musiclover3 /
  3. How Iā€™m feeling today

    Started by CaitAbigail / 15/11/2017 14:48 / Replies 2
    i feel good. im in school. you should all feel good with me because yolo. dont ruin it for yourse...

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    By CaitAbigail /
  4. Gum Recession

    Started by lovelytoucan123 / 15/06/2019 01:40 / Replies 0
    I'm worried that I'm damaging my teeth when I brush them, I don't know if it's just me but I fear...
  5. Good days :)

    Started by becca1810 / 16/05/2019 19:43 / Replies 3
    Today I feel pretty good! I got a lot of things done (like chores, schoolwork and practicing pers...

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    By HiIhaveDyscalculia900 /
  6. Self harm

    Started by Moo224 / 13/05/2019 23:48 / Replies 3
    I AM ONE YEAR CLEAN FROM SELF HARM TODAY.... you are all so worth recovery. When you believe that...

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    By Fishsticks05 /
  7. I feel great

    Started by puppy08 / 08/05/2019 18:08 / Replies 1
    Hi just played for 1 hour with my neighbour's šŸ• dog. I fell free instead of my normal feelings s...

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    By Temporary67747990 /
  8. feeling bad about feeling good?

    Started by -Isobel- / 05/04/2019 21:55 / Replies 3
    I have depression and my parents and school have been really supportive. I do three day weeks, re...

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    By ZBeeBuzz /
  9. Happy Quotes!

    Started by fixaheart13 / 18/06/2013 22:57 / Replies 58
    Hello! Many of you know Karlie, for those who don't, check out her thread "Cancers spread! S...

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    By AngelVDemon /
  10. Where do you want to be when sad?

    Started by PaperFox / 17/05/2012 19:43 / Replies 17
    Well. Ussually life in school and home exhausts me a lot, i get bullied (not that i care :P) and ...

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    By Kurome /