Feeling Worried

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  1. The thing about boys

    Started by Moonlighthailz / 19/09/2018 00:56 / Replies 1
    im 18, and already i have had my fair share of heartbreaks, anyone else at my age have any advice???

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    By EmptyBox147 /
  2. worried about a friend

    Started by minyoongys / 08/09/2018 20:13 / Replies 2
    hi i have a friend who im really close to and she lives in a different country to me. two years a...

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    By univornpoop /
  3. Bad things in the world

    Started by Cityzen13 / 08/09/2018 18:10 / Replies 2
    I am 10 and i am worrying alot about the bad things in the world. i am wondering if any body else...

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    By moodlesxx /
  4. Feeling worried...

    Started by ell-louise / 28/08/2018 23:06 / Replies 1
    I have suffered from a lot of panic attacks lately. Before i broke up from school for the summer ...

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    By girlpwr /
  5. Death Anxiety

    Started by Guitar06 / 25/08/2018 19:13 / Replies 1
    Recently I have been worried about what happens to us when we die. I did believe in a heaven and ...

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    By maeees /
  6. Holiday and Planes

    Started by KirPop74Rugb / 25/08/2018 16:13 / Replies 1
    I‘ve probably left this a bit late but im going on holiday tomorrow with my dad, stepmum, brother...

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    By princess10xx /
  7. Worried about my friend

    Started by IAmSoScared12 / 24/08/2018 17:29 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone, I feel worried about my friend. She potentially has a genetic condition called hyper...
  8. Nervous about exams

    Started by Twin123 / 18/08/2018 22:05 / Replies 1
    Hello! I've recently just started my 4th year in high school and I am getting my exams this year....

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    By Terces /
  9. Getting a job

    Started by 21pilots1 / 12/08/2018 09:32 / Replies 5
    Hey im 16 and i want to get a job but the thought of an interview scares me. I get so nervous and...

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    By loser00 /
  10. School

    Started by Emoz098 / 08/08/2013 01:19 / Replies 2
    Hi, Im Emily. Broke Up For The 6 Weeks Holiday!! :D But Im Worried Because these boys from school...

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    By Taliao /