Feeling Worried

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  1. I'm lonely, would anyone like to be friends?:)

    Started by honeycherry / 22/05/2020 17:32 / Replies 242
    Hi, my name is Alex and i'm fifteen. i only have a couple of close friends, but recently I've dri...

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    By awkwardsnek /
  2. Feeling overweight

    Started by FluFlu / 11/08/2020 20:49 / Replies 0
    I feel extremely overweight recently...I have gained alot of weight during quarantine and I need ...
  3. Coming Out

    Started by NikolasScacc55 / 10/08/2020 00:46 / Replies 1
    So I’ve already asked Sam about this but basically I came out as gay to myself and a few of my fr...

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    By EgginErin /
  4. Why don’t I feel happy?

    Started by Saffxyj / 27/07/2020 11:35 / Replies 1
    Hi, I have been contemplating posting this on here but I decided to give this a go. When I was gr...

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    By IAmGroot15 /
  5. i worry about everything

    Started by Temporary63649159 / 23/07/2020 15:07 / Replies 1
    hi, i am a 15 year old girl and i am struggling to not worry about things. i am always worrying a...

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    By Rohjoo /
  6. Confused😕

    Started by Poppytheblacklab / 26/07/2020 21:21 / Replies 0
    i don't know whether its just me but sometimes i feel stressed,angry and sad but in front if peop...
  7. Talking to a counsellor

    Started by Dizzy-creative19 / 22/07/2020 16:30 / Replies 3
    Hi, I’m am wondering whether you could help... I am really worried about going into a 1-2-1 chat ...

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    By NaijaBaby28 /
  8. My friends

    Started by emma043 / 05/07/2020 17:15 / Replies 4
    Hi since lockdown i feel like i dont have any friends. none of my friends want to talk to me and ...

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    By indiegalteehee /
  9. Detached Mother

    Started by tdo3904561 / 10/07/2020 09:33 / Replies 1
    > Howdy y'all, this is my first post on here and I wanted some advice as to how I can better c...

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    By kush538 /
  10. Hi

    Started by Temporary66499453 / 14/07/2020 21:10 / Replies 1
    hi i am 11 and i wonder if any one whants to be my freind

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    By kush538 /