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  1. Any posh folks? /

    Started by BennyWithAWhy / 22/07/2020 19:11 / Replies 497
    Ha ha is anyone here as obsessed with suits/suspenders as I am. I find them really cool. If so, w...

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    By BennyWithAWhy /
  2. How has everyone grown up so fast

    Started by Slothdoingyoga / 07/08/2021 17:06 / Replies 3
    hi i dont know if this is the right place to post this but im 14 nearly 15 and i feel like all of...

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    By Windex /
  3. Victorian style clothing :D

    Started by TheEntitySystem / 15/09/2021 21:30 / Replies 2
    Hi, does anyone else like victiorian styles? I know it says clothing in the title but here's my w...

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    By Mochii310 /
  4. Autumn and winter aesthetic.

    Started by What-are-you / 22/09/2021 18:30 / Replies 0
    Yes, I think I found it. I don’t have much autumn and winter coloured clothes. Clothes that I thi...
  5. I want to create my own aesthetic?

    Started by What-are-you / 16/09/2021 20:38 / Replies 1
    Based on Tom Gates, as I quite like the books. I just don’t want to follow an aesthetic. I feel l...

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    By What-are-you /
  6. Anyone else into Lolita?

    Started by DarkRainbow4657 / 31/05/2021 11:24 / Replies 20
    Does anyone else here like Lolita fashion?

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    By DarkRainbow4657 /
  7. Vintage

    Started by CloudyVibingAlpaca4338 / 13/07/2021 17:54 / Replies 4
    Heyo! I absolutely love 50s fashion and want to start wearing it! Do you guys know any good vinta...

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    By Ash-on-a-M0nday /
  8. What's your fashion?

    Started by Temporary97674380 / 26/03/2021 19:03 / Replies 16
    Hi yall, I was just wondering what everyone's favourite fashion is. I'll go first. I like suits w...

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    By Succulentsis555 /
  9. My version of my skincare routine

    Started by ForgetMeSneaky / 25/02/2018 22:50 / Replies 2
    I use: Agemtum (its french and expesive) Pure face wipes lipbalm hand cream ​ ​ if u ...

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    By Succulentsis555 /
  10. I’m not ”that girl”

    Started by Slothdoingyoga / 27/06/2021 20:35 / Replies 6
    hello, I dont really know how to explain this but from social media and tv and school and seeing ...

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    By Slothdoingyoga /