Faith and Religion

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  1. Christianity

    Started by moomin26 / 15/10/2018 11:54 / Replies 1
    I am not writing this because I am discriminating or racist, I am writing this because I am unhap...

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  2. Questions about Judaism

    Started by Bookworm64 / 18/09/2018 17:15 / Replies 1
    Hi friends, Im an Orthadox Jew and something that seems so big yet sort of easy to tackle that i ...

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    By BeepBoop123 /
  3. What can a non-Jew do to help the Jewish community?

    Started by BeepBoop123 / 14/10/2018 16:34 / Replies 0
    Hi, I'm not Jewish but in the last few years I came across an online group. After about a year, I...
  4. Don't believe and agree that birthday celebrations are haram

    Started by fixmysoul / 05/10/2018 17:26 / Replies 0
    i know we all have different beliefs but it really bothers me that people say celebrating birthda...
  5. I'm not sure if this goes here but my family think my taste in music means I worship satan and now hate me

    Started by Thomas78 / 14/08/2018 23:40 / Replies 3
    im from a religious, Christian household though i myself dont believe in a god because of my life...

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  6. Finding God

    Started by YellowMondoose / 09/09/2018 10:58 / Replies 1
    I am neither baptised nor christened, yet i agree with methodist christian teachings, and wish to...

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  7. Anti Semitic comments

    Started by Tzedaka / 20/06/2017 21:59 / Replies 7
    hi, im new to childline but felt the need to talk so here i am. A boy in my class has recently st...

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  8. The Day of Judgement

    Started by fixmysoul / 30/06/2017 10:42 / Replies 5
    We Muslims believe in the day of judgement where everything will be destroyed and we will be judg...

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  9. My friends keep making jokes about my religion

    Started by Bobtheman10 / 04/08/2018 00:28 / Replies 5
    hi i konow this seems silly but i take god verry seriousy and my freind who is an atheist for rea...

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  10. I WAS Christian

    Started by ARCH4NG3L / 07/06/2017 23:52 / Replies 12
    I was a protestant christian untill i read the bible cover to cover. It is dark like this quote &...

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