Emotional Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Abuse?

    Started by LivelyTurningDeer2177 / 27/09/2021 18:49 / Replies 2
    i dont really know if this counts as abuse but it does‘nt feel right. i live with my mum and youn...

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    By PoliteTextingShark3281 /
  2. shitty parents.

    Started by rayspotnoodles / 25/06/2022 23:59 / Replies 0
    i hate my parents, different but same reasons. my dad is physically and emotionally abusive. sinc...
  3. Are my parent emotionally abusive or am I just overreacting?? /

    Started by ElegantThinkingRhino3391 / 24/06/2022 18:07 / Replies 0
    HI im May and I’m 12 i am realising that my parents my have/still be emotionally abusive here why...
  4. parents /

    Started by olwenlynne2007 / 28/01/2022 23:40 / Replies 2
    sometimes i hate my parents they make me feel so shit. i mean they do shit for me and all like th...

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    By CautiousWalkingZebra5576 /
  5. Should I contact social services??

    Started by MagicalCyclingPuma2961 / 29/04/2022 10:47 / Replies 4
    My parents have been emotinally abusive to me and they used to lock me outside. I can't trust the...

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    By PowerfulCookingRaven3282 /
  6. Confused

    Started by RushingRiver / 09/01/2022 21:01 / Replies 2
    Hi, I don’t think my girlfriend is abusive but I just wanna double check because the counsellors ...

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    By RushingRiver /
  7. My friend used to gaslight me and now I might see her at social groups

    Started by ProudSharingOtter2399 / 29/04/2022 15:40 / Replies 1
    I used to have a friend who would always blame me for everything and I kept letting it go for yea...

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    By CarefulCyclingPuma9653 /
  8. Is it emotional abuse or am I overthinking it?

    Started by Okayraspberry / 20/08/2020 09:17 / Replies 2
    hi im tianna and im 10, ive been thinking about whether or not my mum is emotionally abusive, to ...

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    By Averagecurtain /
  9. Feeling Angry

    Started by TiredRollingFalcon1370 / 20/03/2022 22:00 / Replies 3
    i feel like theres no real way to explain how i feel so im just going to type a bunch. my name is...

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    By BouncyTalkingShark7137 /
  10. being gay in a muslim household

    Started by sherlockmalfoy0506 / 26/10/2021 21:23 / Replies 4
    HI so basically im sort of still figuring out my sexuality but im pretty sure im gay, anyway my f...

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    By PowerfulCookingRaven3282 /