Eating problems

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. eating disorder

    Started by Temporary98468627 / 03/04/2020 17:06 / Replies 0
    hi, i cant stop eating, i will eat all chocolate in sight, my weight goes up and down and im gett...
  2. Coping with Anxiety, OCD, Depression and Eating Disorders during Isolation

    Started by Betty-Boo123 / 02/04/2020 19:55 / Replies 3
    I'm worried about my upcoming exams, that I have found out are not happening, and I'm very scared...

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    By Betty-Boo123 /
  3. I can’t put on weight

    Started by Idareyou / 26/03/2020 13:47 / Replies 3
    since i was around 8 ive found it hard to put on much weight. to some it sounds great but recentl...

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    By Idareyou /
  4. I don’t know what this is

    Started by Purpleandturquoise / 28/03/2020 00:02 / Replies 12
    Trigger warning-vomiting Hi, I’m 14 and I don’t even know if I really put this in the right place...

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    By Purpleandturquoise /
  5. Mental health problems

    Started by Temporary31763159 / 31/03/2020 21:54 / Replies 2
    I really don't know if this is the right place but I don't like to concern my friends with stuff ...

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    By Temporary31763159 /
  6. Food is no longer my friend

    Started by CookieT / 27/03/2020 01:49 / Replies 1
    I'm currently struggling with food. With every meal put it front of me the portions seem to be ge...

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    By KiwiWhiskers /
  7. I don't want to eat anymore

    Started by BoxedJace / 23/03/2020 20:58 / Replies 2
    Hey since around the age of 8 I've had problems with my eating (I eat very little but when I do e...

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    By KiwiWhiskers /
  8. EDs

    Started by thewaves / 27/02/2020 17:04 / Replies 4
    I’m a 14 yr old girl. I don’t have an eating disorder but I think I might be developing one. I’ve...

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    By EviehybridGirl /
  9. Teacher making fun of anorexia

    Started by Nightgirl13 / 25/11/2019 15:33 / Replies 6
    hi guys, maggie here. today in school one of my teachers made some comments refering to anorexic ...

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    By EviehybridGirl /
  10. I'm worried about my boyfriend

    Started by BlueWoolyJumper / 06/03/2020 19:53 / Replies 2
    Hi My boyfriend and best friend has gone on a diet, but they are allready perfect my boyfriend ke...

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    By EviehybridGirl /