Eating problems

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Uncommon Eating Disorders

    Started by Maitree18 / 16/08/2016 21:28 / Replies 3
    Eating Disorders other than Anorexia, Bulimia or Binge Eating. I want to start a thread for the e...

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  2. have i influenced my friend

    Started by laylastressed / 22/10/2020 19:51 / Replies 0
    Soo a week or 2 ago i had short period of feeling like i was fat and not eating at all. My mum no...
  3. i dont know if im being safe

    Started by orangefrog / 09/10/2020 21:49 / Replies 1
    sooo um heyyy im steph and i dont eat. like period. i feel as if i cant look at my body without f...

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    By mango-fool /
  4. Friend who i think has an eating disorder

    Started by Nadiya05 / 03/10/2020 22:38 / Replies 2
    I have made a new friend last month and I think they have an eating disorder. They are on a very ...

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    By mango-fool /
  5. bulimia TW?

    Started by Temporary66398693 / 21/09/2020 22:31 / Replies 2
    hi i'm martha, it's been a while since i've used this app (infact i had deleted it up until about...

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    By m-123- /
  6. rubber band

    Started by -pumpkinn / 09/10/2020 22:36 / Replies 3
    after reading other peoples story mine isn't that bad but im still gonna say it it started a week...

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    By Spongebob203 /
  7. Body image and eating

    Started by Anythingbuttemprary / 21/09/2020 19:28 / Replies 2
    hey. i feel like im gonna burst. i feel so fat onnmt belly and so fkat in my bum like i have the ...

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  8. Eating

    Started by Hazellouise12 / 06/10/2020 19:34 / Replies 4
    hi i wanted to start a thread to discuss something im new to this and i dont know how to do this ...

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    By Hazellouise12 /
  9. Self harm and food

    Started by PorridgeRobot / 01/10/2020 22:02 / Replies 1
    Sometimes I sh because it feels good to get the pain I feel on the inside out and it feels like t...

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  10. Memories

    Started by artyy13 / 07/10/2020 22:37 / Replies 1
    hey, so when i was like 10-12 years old i dont like wanna diagnose myself with an eating disorder...

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    By mabinogion /