Dreams and Nightmares

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  1. Same scary dream many times

    Started by TeaLeafy / 01/05/2018 18:01 / Replies 8
    I keep having the same terrifying dream like every week for the past few weeks and I am really fr...

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    By Puff-369 /
  2. Am I? Can I really be?

    Started by S1-OA1 / 11/05/2018 20:56 / Replies 6
    I have recently had a dream that has potentially ruinded my life. In the dream, i was in love wit...

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    By FlavouredMilk123 /
  3. My life

    Started by Faith05 / 09/06/2018 09:05 / Replies 1
    So I was at the Manchester bombing attack and ever since I have the same dream about 3-5 times a ...

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    By FlavouredMilk123 /
  4. Bad dream (be cautious reading please)

    Started by XJJX16 / 16/06/2018 03:29 / Replies 1
    okay so its currently 3:24 when im writinf this... i woke up feom a bad dream and its creeped me ...

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    By NutellaLeaf /
  5. Do I like her?

    Started by Ravenclaw2007 / 07/03/2018 00:55 / Replies 3
    So ever since I knew me and my friend are both bi, I get these dreams about us kissing and making...

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    By MyonLikesPillows /
  6. Anxiety and Stress Dreams

    Started by TryingAgain / 29/05/2018 01:03 / Replies 2
    Hey; recently my dreams have been super strange, and I believe it to be related to my social anxi...

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    By bobibab /
  7. Reoccuring Dreams

    Started by Fifixo / 07/06/2018 19:09 / Replies 0
    Since i dropped my phone in water more than a year ago I have had a reoccurring dream of dropping...
  8. Sleep Paralysis.

    Started by MarshaIsNotMyRealName / 14/05/2018 23:36 / Replies 3
    I need help. Every day, I try to watch as much TV, eat as little and drink as little to keep myse...

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    By AlienHasFeelings2 /
  9. Nightmares... nightly

    Started by buddybubba / 24/01/2017 22:40 / Replies 2
    Hi, I have nightmares every single night. Without fail. Maybe once in a while a dreamless night b...

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    By IzlaOctopus /
  10. Dreams

    Started by Pepper1847 / 25/01/2015 16:57 / Replies 3
    Just wanted to know if people grow out of dreams I am not 11 but child line did come and talk to ...

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    By RavenQueenie /