Coping with Stress

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  1. Covid 19 and GCSEs

    Started by purplehighlighter15 / 25/09/2020 21:49 / Replies 0
    These last couple of months have been the hardest in my life and feel like I’m never happy and I ...
  2. Sibling stress

    Started by Depressed7900 / 16/07/2020 11:26 / Replies 4
    hi i have 4 siblings and all of them are younger than me. My brother is soooo naughty and always ...

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    By Leo-the-trans /
  3. My dad just told me he will only talk to me to punish me and he is always telling me I make my mum sad. Am I doing something wrong?

    Started by Dominic2 / 20/09/2020 15:52 / Replies 3
    i want to know if it is my fault

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    By Dominic2 /
  4. 😣

    Started by emojilove2 / 01/09/2020 11:53 / Replies 2
    I need someone to talk to I feel so upset now😭

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    By Higgybibjob /
  5. Having mood swings towards my dad. Is it normal?

    Started by Reading-Bug / 26/08/2020 07:00 / Replies 0
    <div>I have these weird mood swings that happen when my dad gives me a long lecture but I d...
  6. Stress and random anger.

    Started by kxaitlynn / 22/08/2020 22:48 / Replies 4
    So lately I've had nothing to do anymore because everything seems so boring and I just genuinely ...

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    By Reading-Bug /
  7. Am i normal?

    Started by Sangwoo / 07/07/2020 21:03 / Replies 4
    Hello to the person reading this, when i'm stressed i cry. i don't know why but lately I've been ...

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    By Missy2009 /
  8. A man made me uncomfortable today

    Started by Hazel22334 / 21/08/2020 23:35 / Replies 0
    so today i decided to leave my house for a walk alone (i am 18 years old) a man approached me (pr...
  9. Stress

    Started by Mememonkey / 28/07/2020 22:30 / Replies 1
    Hi im a 9 year old girl who has been through alot lately so i was wondering if you guys have any ...

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    By Actimel-203 /
  10. I think my parents hate each other

    Started by Temporary81221999 / 10/06/2020 15:19 / Replies 5
    My parents have argued about a lot of things from time to time, but today was horrible. They didn...

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