Coping with Stress

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  1. dealing with other peoples problems

    Started by wanderingrune / 19/06/2013 22:25 / Replies 5
    Hi, so this may seem a bit weird but lately i've been getting stressed from trying to sort out ot...

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    By Sophieisawsome /
  2. Mocks

    Started by Holziex / 20/02/2018 14:36 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone... Im in year 11 and have mocks all week next week! They are litrally one on top of t...
  3. Feeling Negative/Stressed

    Started by elpop8 / 10/01/2018 21:35 / Replies 1
    Hello! This is my first post on here, so I'm not really sure if I'm doing it right, but here we g...

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    By RazzzBerries /
  4. So Much is Happening..

    Started by Lauri-Lou / 21/02/2018 19:26 / Replies 0
    I’m so scared. So much has been going on since the beginning of January. My parents split up, so ...
  5. How do you cope with problems?

    Started by MiawMiaw1234 / 07/02/2018 19:26 / Replies 2
    I decided to start this thread because i was intrested in other peoples ways of coping with feeli...

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    By lottie-al /
  6. Pryromaniac

    Started by LarsIsCool / 13/02/2018 00:17 / Replies 0
    Recently I've become obsessed with fire I've been burning paper in my room with a stolen lighter ...
  7. Pressure to get involved

    Started by smpf06 / 13/01/2018 15:16 / Replies 1
    Hi, my name is Fee and ive been feeling under pressure recently. I have been depressed and feelin...

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    By Oitis12 /
  8. I can't word this right... but I'll try

    Started by lottie-al / 10/02/2018 14:46 / Replies 0
    Maybe it would be easy to just say it. I'm a Little. But I'm demisexual Are there any opinions on...
  9. No one understands me

    Started by Marisu / 20/01/2018 23:59 / Replies 2
    Hello, I noticed this at around the age of 9. My thinking process is different from others. When ...

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    By Laughterandtears /
  10. School and Stress

    Started by Temporary60182742 / 24/01/2018 16:28 / Replies 1
    Recently I have had quite alot of problems at school with people lying snd talking about me behin...

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    By lovebeauty /