Coping with Anger

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  1. If I don't want to do something I shouldn't have to.

    Started by BuddyBooToYou / 16/10/2021 15:34 / Replies 0
    If I don't want to do something I shouldn't have to, nobody should. I hate it. I hate it when peo...
  2. anger

    Started by BrightLookingLion2120 / 12/10/2021 18:20 / Replies 0
    Hi, i dont really know how to explain how i feel or what it is i am feeling. i have never spoken ...
  3. im messed up

    Started by dracomalfoy-fantic / 06/09/2021 09:24 / Replies 1
    hey im kendal and i have anger problmes , no one around me really knows this as i hide it but her...

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  4. Random anger

    Started by Happywithmacatsboii / 17/08/2021 20:38 / Replies 3
    i just get these bits where i just get really angry and im really worried about it so if anyone c...

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    By poppylea /
  5. Anger Issues

    Started by Positive-Pumpkin / 31/10/2020 15:15 / Replies 6
    Hey everyone, What exactly are anger issues and what are usually the causes? Thanks!

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    By Icklepup2471 /
  6. Anger and depressed /

    Started by Help1023 / 23/06/2021 20:10 / Replies 7
    hey. erm i dont usually do this but im just at my breaking point. there is a lot going on for me ...

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    By BuddyBooToYou /
  7. Hey.

    Started by MagicalFlyingLlama4232 / 25/08/2021 08:27 / Replies 3
    Hi. I'm not quite sure why I signed up or why I'm here, but I am. ​ I guess I'm here becaus...

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  8. Anger

    Started by AwesomeVibingShark7342 / 16/08/2021 11:18 / Replies 1
    Hi, To be honest sometimes i get so angry that i willhave a go at people but then after sometimes...

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    By lemonade88 /
  9. Coping with Anger.

    Started by Laughinglea1 / 29/07/2021 19:18 / Replies 4
    Hi there, this is my first time using the message boards and my counselor told me to come here so...

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    By Laughinglea1 /
  10. Frustration and anger

    Started by BouncyRunningKoala6843 / 24/07/2021 21:27 / Replies 1
    My mother keeps accusing me of stealing her things and sometimes swearing at me, but she just los...

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    By VibrantYawningHare6827 /