Coping with Anger

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  1. I can’t control it anymore

    Started by Temporary15448617 / 30/05/2018 22:56 / Replies 5
    im a twelve year old girl and ive not being to a doctor but i get really angry and paranoid over ...

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  2. Ways to calm anger down!!1!!

    Started by Temporary34679912 / 19/06/2018 20:18 / Replies 0
    these help me calm down with anger * watch some try not to laugh vids on Instagram or yt YOU ARE ...
  3. Anger

    Started by Happierthanever21 / 18/06/2018 19:43 / Replies 1
    Hello, I am 16 years old and I've been struggling with anger my whole life. Ever since I was litt...

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    By Lexilove /
  4. i dont know what to do

    Started by lily-ginnys-daughter / 17/06/2018 15:43 / Replies 0
  5. I shout at my family memebers alot, and it makes my realionships with them really hard

    Started by AngryUni / 12/06/2018 06:59 / Replies 1
    Hello, I'm a 11 year old, I get really annoyed with everything and I shout at my family, I just h...

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    By Child49 /
  6. My anger is too much!!

    Started by cheekypanda / 13/05/2018 20:46 / Replies 7
    Hi, I’m a thirteen year old girl and I struggle a lot with my anger. I’ve tried speaking to my fr...

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    By cheekypanda /
  7. Angry for no reason? No logical explanation

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 28/02/2018 23:43 / Replies 25
    I get angry real quick. I feel so misunderstood and crazy. My family dont get it... They ask me w...

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    By Temporary28969675 /
  8. Anger issues

    Started by Temporary14348581 / 27/08/2017 15:09 / Replies 13
    I have anger issues but my mum just thinks I'm being a brat but I can't control it...Its pathetic...

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    By 2007kid /
  9. Anger

    Started by Zigzag12300 / 06/04/2017 12:56 / Replies 2
    I have really bad anger issues due to a lot at home which really affects me at school and I'm clo...

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    By strongmuffin /
  10. Feeling trapped /

    Started by angerprob / 25/05/2018 23:58 / Replies 1
    i feel trapped in a ever ending tynnle of darkness and anger. i fear that ill never escape and no...

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    By AlienHasFeelings2 /