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  1. Road Safety

    Started by PurpleDoggies1234 / 03/06/2022 12:16 / Replies 0
    We need to put an end to this. No more road accidents. no more road deaths. look left and right, ...
  2. I think we should have the choice to make our accounts non-anonymous when we turn 18

    Started by CerealKiller / 19/04/2022 13:39 / Replies 32
    Hiya. I'm Alex and I've been using Childline for a little under a year now. In the time I've been...

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    By PurpleDoggies1234 /
  3. Sexism

    Started by Iamnonbinary / 31/08/2018 20:37 / Replies 11
    I am writing this because any girl with short hair is 'boyish and delluded'. I am writing this be...

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    By LesbianSunflower421 /

    Started by TalentedHoppingDuck / 17/12/2021 00:03 / Replies 1
    TW ABLEISM EUGENICS can we stop accepting disability as a valid reason for abortion it perputuate...

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    By PurpleDoggies1234 /
  5. Mental Illness is Serious.

    Started by Eek2006 / 05/10/2018 21:01 / Replies 13
    I‘m Haruka, and I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression. I’m writing this here and now because...

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    By PurpleDoggies1234 /
  6. Positive

    Started by asmallfroginahat / 02/06/2022 16:21 / Replies 0
    listen up! i am starting a thread to ditch all this negativity. write about your happiest moment,...
  7. Assistance dog/ invisible disability awareness

    Started by AlpacaInATrenchcoat / 14/03/2021 01:15 / Replies 20
    Hi. So I’m Conner and I’m being tested for autism and ADHD. I also have diagnosed anxiety and suf...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  8. Could be faking, PLEASE DONT FAKE INSOMNIA!

    Started by Worm-On-A-String / 09/04/2021 00:27 / Replies 2
    Ok so i have (self diagnosed but i can never sleep except maybe sometimes at 12 or 4 am) insomnia...

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    By Zebramemberloveall /
  9. New Rule of Society

    Started by Flying-Lion / 30/01/2022 08:25 / Replies 1
    Hello, I want a society that is not ruled , influenced or gives power to religion. Religions caus...

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    By GracefulCatchingHare2231 /
  10. Homophobia and Transphobia in schools. /

    Started by BennyWithoutAWaffle / 12/12/2021 16:16 / Replies 3
    Trigger warnings for homophobic/transphobic (censored) slurs It's disgusting. The school always b...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /