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  1. Childline counselling opening times

    Started by Jas-Host / 27/08/2020 15:25 / Replies 3
    Hi everyone, For a while now, because of coronavirus, the counsellors have only been able to be t...

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  2. Period mood swings

    Started by Savetherhinos3 / 04/07/2020 19:20 / Replies 6
    Hey I started my period about two months ago, and how do I cope with the mood swings? Because the...

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    By Savetherhinos3 /
  3. Confidentiality broken

    Started by HateMyEffingLife / 30/08/2020 21:36 / Replies 3
    a couple of months ago i threatened to k*ll myself and wrote it on my journal in here. i realise ...

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  4. Are you told when confidentiality has been broken?

    Started by artsymemes72 / 01/08/2018 14:41 / Replies 15
    I know this is kind of a silly question but when the person you're talking to has to break the co...

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  5. When will Childline be back to normal?

    Started by RainbowOstrichBrownie / 13/08/2020 15:00 / Replies 2
    Hi Jas, I'd love to know when we can call and chat later on again, and when the changes to Childl...

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    By Jas-Host /
  6. Why 19?

    Started by BennyWithABlackSuit / 14/09/2020 20:08 / Replies 0
    This is kind of a random question but I've been thinking about it... why is the age limit for Chi...
  7. Friends

    Started by emojilove2 / 29/05/2020 16:19 / Replies 24
    Hi Jas, Can I make friends on here sorry it's a stupid question but it's hard to make friends on ...

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  8. Childline

    Started by Angel2b / 20/05/2018 14:27 / Replies 4
    hi i want to talk to childline through txt but dont want to do email is there anyway i can do thi...

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    By BeYoncefan999999 /
  9. Question about Childline.

    Started by Reading-Bug / 26/08/2020 20:33 / Replies 2
    Hello my nickname here on this website is invisible-person and I just need to ask one question. I...

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  10. When Do You Call Childline?

    Started by SeanOTRScreen / 16/11/2016 21:08 / Replies 4
    If you want to call childline so that nobody knows, and so that it doesn't seem suspicious, when ...

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    By Darling10 /