Bullying and Discrimination

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  1. Mental health

    Started by Temporary59873876 / 04/08/2020 00:49 / Replies 0
    Hey im 15 and i was bullied since i was 9 to just end recently and ive been overweight but even a...
  2. Period cramps

    Started by Miaxx77777 / 08/05/2020 22:37 / Replies 4
    hi im 12 and i got my period when i was 10 ive always had terrible cramps and recently they have ...

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    By Menexo /
  3. Bully?

    Started by Unhappylamma / 11/05/2020 21:21 / Replies 4
    i got in an argument with this girl i swore and told her to p-.i-.s-.s off (sorry childline) and ...

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    By TubeTrainMoquette /
  4. advice?

    Started by Temporary38022801 / 01/08/2020 15:58 / Replies 1
    i’m 12 and i get bullied by this group of people. while im outside with my friends they come up t...

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    By Fishchipsandpeas /
  5. my story

    Started by Temporary85732809 / 23/07/2020 15:28 / Replies 2
    i am a 15 year old girl and i have been bullied my whole life. i was born with no eyelashes and e...

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    By lesbian-catradora-ship201 /
  6. Think ive been Threatened or Bullied on social

    Started by Upsetca11um / 06/07/2020 22:15 / Replies 5
    Hi there, i think i have been threatened/bullied on social media today. What should i do?

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    By Upsetca11um /
  7. I scared about telling someone I know I’m being bullied!!

    Started by Fishchipsandpeas / 29/07/2020 09:51 / Replies 2
    from y5 to y6 i was in primary (you probly already know that but anyway) and i was being bullied,...

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    By Fishchipsandpeas /
  8. Is this bullying??

    Started by Fishchipsandpeas / 27/07/2020 22:39 / Replies 6
    so basically ill start from the begging, just to let you know im 12 so in y5 up to y6 there were ...

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    By Fishchipsandpeas /
  9. Bullying and how it affected my mental health

    Started by UnknownA1 / 29/07/2020 04:39 / Replies 0
    Basically since yr7 I have been getting bullied and currently I'm in yr9 and in yr7 it was by a d...
  10. Paranoia and not liking myself

    Started by Temporary71612211 / 23/07/2020 03:11 / Replies 4
    hi so i have pretty much been treated diffrently most my life because of my skintone and my famil...

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    By KittyCouture /