Bullying and Discrimination

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  1. Cyber bullying

    Started by Temporary03140151 / 29/10/2020 09:03 / Replies 1
    I have been cyber bullied by my friend.....i have blocked her after she swore at me and texted me...

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    By Temporary03140151 /
  2. I am being bullied a lot

    Started by Temporary11900057 / 22/01/2020 20:42 / Replies 6
    hi i am crying as u type this. there are 5 people jn my class bullying me i have one friend and e...

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    By Temporary03140151 /
  3. Bulling

    Started by Temporary76055993 / 19/03/2020 12:15 / Replies 3
    I was bullied at my old school and people used to spit on me then I moved school and a bully trie...

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    By Ksdgaryleo /
  4. bullying and life

    Started by shazza2006 / 18/10/2020 17:00 / Replies 1
    hey im 14 and i have had a difficult life i got bullied at school so moved away and the same thin...

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    By Temporary93074111 /
  5. Two of my supposed friends are bullying me for my sexuality

    Started by Shiro-shiro-the-neko / 18/10/2020 18:24 / Replies 0
    Hi hieee. My old two friends are just being horrible to me for the sake of it and also because of...
  6. Transphobic teacher

    Started by Temporary08886962 / 16/10/2020 14:29 / Replies 0
    SOOOO.... My friend (who i'll call Roald) has been dating the teachers daughter (who i'll call Sa...
  7. Bullying

    Started by Kian15 / 09/10/2020 22:25 / Replies 1
    i got bullied and the teachers did nothing. since then ive moved schools but i still dont feel fi...

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    By Temporary91486127 /
  8. Hi

    Started by Joseph111 / 25/01/2017 21:19 / Replies 3
    Hi my name is Joseph I am 11 I am getting bullied at my school because I am Small for my age its ...

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    By Temporary91701203 /
  9. Am i being bullied?

    Started by hakuna-matata / 29/09/2020 22:38 / Replies 2
    hi guys i need help i had this ”friend” who knows my family and i know hers we were never close b...

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    By hakuna-matata /
  10. Everyone hates me /

    Started by AnyasHereNow / 27/09/2020 14:15 / Replies 4
    My whole life I’ve been bullied and I find it impossible to trust anyone and someone I finally tr...

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    By Temporary11475529 /