Bullying and Discrimination

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  1. Racism and Favouritism

    Started by SweetlyMe333 / 24/02/2021 21:17 / Replies 1
    hello, so i am 11 years old and, as the cliché goes, have no friends and gets bullied often. One ...

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  2. How to help a friend with bullying

    Started by GoldenRetrieverPuppy / 27/02/2021 12:56 / Replies 4
    Hi, One of my friends is being bullied. Two girls are calling her names and insulting her. I have...

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    By -Muffy- /
  3. this guys loves bullying me

    Started by Temporary98643227 / 26/02/2021 15:02 / Replies 3
    so basically i go to skwl rn and we are all in one class so this guy keeps talking about me to pe...

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    By RunAMarathon /
  4. Bullying?

    Started by Eden-- / 28/02/2021 20:02 / Replies 0
    I have two friends who don't know each other, one night my friend wanted to meet the other friend...
  5. Friends

    Started by Pipi-55TT / 06/02/2021 11:53 / Replies 10
    Hey at the mo i only have 2 friends. both of them like to play with other ppl aswell but they hav...

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    By Pipi-55TT /
  6. bullied in school

    Started by Temporary06330803 / 19/01/2021 19:25 / Replies 7
    i am being bullied in school by somebody called Rueben is saying no one like's you in a song or j...

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    By GoldenRetrieverPuppy /
  7. someone made a fake account and its telling people that its me

    Started by mimimaryam0 / 16/02/2021 09:57 / Replies 3
    hi I'm 16, and around Christmas, till now someone is pretending to be on Snapchat, they made a fa...

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    By Pouncer /
  8. Class bully has threatened to rape me

    Started by Temporary28123534 / 06/02/2021 12:17 / Replies 9
    hi, this has been something thats been on my mind for a while now its literally haunting. i am tw...

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    By Temporary04584122 /
  9. Not exactly bullied... but...

    Started by I-Like-Books-And-Musicals / 13/02/2021 13:26 / Replies 4
    Hello! My name is Charlie and I’m a demiboy. I’m quite active on the message boards, so you might...

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    By Temporary20742902 /
  10. Help

    Started by Demi125 / 20/02/2021 14:48 / Replies 1
    Hi I’ve been bullied by someone I thought was my friend since y7 its now y10 and I’m constantly g...

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    By BisexualAndaDemigirl /